Visa Free Countries 2021 Famous Tastes

Visa Free Countries

If you have already started to make your annual travel plans, you can draw an easier route with the list of visa-free countries. If you already have a passport, it can be very easy to go to the list of visa-free countries and have a nice holiday.

For those who say they don’t have a passport, the countries where you can enter by submitting your identity card at the border gate are also listed on this page. For those who want to take a short break from the pace of work and life and discover new lands, we do not stop, we travel and tour.

Visa-free countries create an ideal holiday plan for those who are bored with the increasing visa fees from time to time and want to travel easily. While it is up to you to arrange your flight ticket and hotel to go to these countries that do not have to deal with visa procedures; It is our duty to give information about the countries and give you an idea.

We are here to fulfill our duty and make you discover new countries. Start packing small. Visa-free countries are waiting for you in 2021 too!

List of Visa-Free Countries 2021 – What is it famous for?

1) Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina is an ideal country for holidays not exceeding 90 days. Bosnia and Herzegovina, where you can enter visa-free, is one of the most popular Balkan countries.
  • You can plan both historical and touristic trips here.
  • In Bosnian cuisine, which creates a synthesis of Ottoman and Western European culinary cultures, Bosnian pastry is one of the delicacies that must be tasted.
  • Answers prepared in Sarajevo style (see image), Bey soup and pita are among the famous delicacies.

2) Cyprus

  • You can stay in Cyprus without a visa for 30 days. There are some local delicacies that you should definitely try during this time.
  • Molehiya meal prepared from molehiya herb is a kind of vegetable dish.
  • It also has a meaty dish prepared from a vegetable called kolakas.
  • Pirohu (see image), which is called Cypriot ravioli, is also one of the most frequently consumed dough dishes among local tastes. If you like dough dishes, you should definitely try it when you go to Cyprus.
  • Apart from these, gullurikya, paluze, pilafuna and ayrel are one of the famous flavors.

3) Moldova

  • Let’s say that those who have a Bordeaux passport can easily enter Moldova.
  • Even if you do not have a passport, you can stay in Moldova for 90 days by registering with your ID.
  • On the days you stay, you can like stuffed cabbage, one of the famous flavors of Moldova, and the cabbage roll, which has very similar aspects.
  • Mamaliga (see image), which is similar to the kuymak flavor in Turkey, is among the famous flavors of Moldova.
  • Just like every country has its own ravioli, Moldova’s original ravioli is on the plates as a branza.

4) Azerbaijan

  • If you have a passport, you can go on vacation to Azerbaijan for a short period of time.
  • You can enter the country after a short process at the airports of Azerbaijan, where only the entrance fee and documents are taken under the name of a visa.
  • It would be appropriate to answer the question of what can I eat in Azerbaijan with the most famous delicacies: Abstraction prepared with mutton (see image), rice in the cup with plums, chestnuts and meat will fill your stomach in Azerbaijan.

5) Philippines

  • Philippines is one of the beautiful countries where you can stay visa-free for 30 days.
  • Singang soup prepared with seafood (see image), beef mami, which you will know as pasta soup, marinated meat dish known as adobo are among the different and famous flavors of this country.
  • Meat and vegetable dishes are served in abundance at the restaurants you will be visiting when you visit the Philippines.

6) Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong is a must-see country located on the South coast of China.
  • If you have a passport valid for at least 6 months and you are in a good time for vacation, you can go to Hong Kong.
  • While you are in Hong Kong, you should not go without eating Dim Sum and noodles (see image).
  • If we add local flavors to these familiar flavors, sweet soups Tong Sui and boiled rice congee should not be forgotten.

7) Japan

  • Japan is also among the countries where you can see without a visa.
  • You can witness different flavors in Japanese cuisine, which is famous for Kobe meat.
  • Now you can see sushi frequently in Turkey, you should eat it on the spot. Maki is a fish-free delicacy.
  • We think you may also like the fried form of seafood or vegetables called tempura (see image).
  • Other delicacies you should taste in Japan are Kobe beef, ramen, takoyaki, shabu shabu and miso soup.

8) Maldives

  • You can stay in the Maldives for 30 days without a visa. During this time, it will be very good for you to evaluate the summer vacation or honeymoon vacation.
  • When you go to Maldives, you may want to try the famous flavors. In this case, let’s explain the flavors you must taste.
  • If you are a bit close to fish soups, you should definitely try garudhiya soup (see image).
  • The coconut tuna dish called Mas Huni can create a different flavor on the palate.
  • Spicy Kulhi Boakibaa dish is also among the famous tastes.

9) Uzbekistan

  • You do not need a visa to go to Uzbekistan, the most populated country in Central Asia.
  • Are you wondering about the famous flavors that you should try on a pleasant trip to Uzbekistan?
  • You should definitely try the legendary Uzbek pilaf (see image), bread called non, and samsa, one of the dough flavors.
  • When you taste Uzbek pilaf, you will think that you are eating rice pilaf with vegetables. You should definitely try this famous pilaf, which you will not be a stranger to, on the spot.

10) Tunisia

  • There is no visa requirement for the 90 days you will spend in Tunisia. If you have a Bordeaux passport, be ready for a hassle-free Tunisia trip.
  • Tunisian couscous, meatballs called kefta, a casserole dish called ojja (see image), a meat casserole dish known as tajine, and a baklava-like balkawa dessert are on the list of famous tastes.
  • The harissa appetizer, which is prepared with garlic, cumin, olive oil and dried peppers, is very famous. You should definitely try this appetizer when you go to Tunisia.

11) Macedonia

  • Macedonia remained under Ottoman rule for 542 years. For this reason, Ottoman influences are felt in the culinary culture.
  • Accompanying Turkish dishes, ajvar is a cold appetizer prepared with roasted peppers and eggplant.
  • Don’t leave without trying this delicious meatball served with salad, which is known as Macedonian kebab, in Macedonia.
  • The corn meal known as Kachamak is quite delicious. While preparing this dish, the cornmeal goes through the roasting process and then meets the butter. Yogurt is used while serving.


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