Vacuum Frying: Is It Really Healthier?

Vacuum Frying

In addition to the usual process, there is another frying technique called vacuum frying which is claimed to be healthier. What is vacuum frying and is this really a healthier way of frying?

The difference between vacuum frying and ordinary frying techniques

Frying techniques in general produce high calories. When frying is done, the food releases the water in it and absorbs the fat from the oil, so the number of calories in the food increases.

For example, one potato (equivalent to 100 grams) contains 93 calories and 0 grams of fat. However, after being French fries, the calories add up to 319 calories and 17 fat.

Too much oil absorbed by food when frying is not good for the human body. This can increase the risk of various diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Especially if the frying process is done with used cooking oil .

In contrast to the usual frying technique, the vacuum frying technique is a frying process carried out using low pressure, almost equal to a vacuum.

This technique is carried out in a closed container and uses a lower temperature compared to ordinary frying techniques.

With the low temperature and pressure in the vacuum frying technique, the fat absorbed from the oil during the frying process is reduced so that the nutrients in the food will be maintained.

This technique can be used on any food. However, nowadays, vacuum frying is more often used by the food industry to make fruit or vegetable chips.

Is it true that the vacuum frying technique is healthier?

Judging from the facts above, vacuum frying is certainly healthier than ordinary frying. This frying technique results in higher nutritional quality in food and reduced absorption of oil into food.

A study conducted by the International Journal of Food Science shows that the characteristics of food made with the vacuum frying technique have more optimal color, texture, and taste.

In addition, the oil content produced is relatively low, even though frying at a low temperature. In fact, this journal also mentions the vacuum frying technique can be used as an alternative to frying for the future.

A healthier way to cook, other than vacuum frying

The cooking technique you use will affect the amount of nutrients in the food. However, not all cooking techniques will have the same effect on all foods.

Therefore, choosing the right cooking method can produce food with a delicious and healthy taste and texture.

Even though vacuum frying is claimed to be healthy, the frying technique used still absorbs oil which makes the food contain higher fat and calories compared to other cooking processes.

Here are some other cooking alternatives that are healthier for your body.

  • Cooking with water intermediaries, such as boiling and steaming.
  • Cook using dry heat or without water, such as baking, grilling, frying, or using a microwave.


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