Types of Meat: How to use?

Types of Meat

Types of Meat; It is possible to evaluate meat varieties, which constitute one of the largest categories in culinary culture, in many different ways. Organizing a barbecue party or eating kebab in a good restaurant are some of the options you come across. We discussed the meat issue with all its options.

Meat is a useful food type when consumed at regular intervals and at the right rate. Meat varieties rich in B vitamins help to strengthen the body in various aspects. Bone health, blood circulation, digestive system and many other body functions start to work better as a result of meat consumption.

What are the Types of Meat? How to use?

“What are the types of red meat?” The main meat names that come to mind are:


  • Known as one of the most delicious types of meat, ribeye is worthy of the mouth when cooked thanks to its equal fat ratio.
  • Veal chops are also obtained from the ribeye section.
  • This portion of meat is very tasty. Entrecote, which has a high economic value, is used in many dishes.
  • When you want to taste a meat like Turkish delight while eating, you can buy ribeye for every meal. Especially ideal for grilling.


  • Steak, which gives a good result when cooked with butter and spices, is a healthy choice with its high protein content.
  • Fillet is obtained as a result of slicing the steak through various stages.
  • A tantuni dish is prepared with steak meat. Steak, which gets a soft consistency in minutes, is quite delicious.


  • Many different and delicious dishes can be made with the tenderloin variety, which is described as the king of meats.
  • The most famous tenderloin cooking method is the recipe prepared by adding basil.
  • If you want to prepare delicious presentations and enormous plates, you can cook using tenderloin.
  • You can try delicious sauce and spicy recipes with tenderloin.

double file

  • The meat type called Kontrfile is one of the ingredients in the production of T-Bone Steak, which is on the menu of some restaurants.


  • Chops, which are among the meat varieties, are also frequently preferred for cooking at home and for barbecue parties.
  • You can add any seasonings you want to the chops and marinate them. It combines deliciously with garlic, thyme and red pepper.


  • Nuar, also known as roast beef, is a type of lean meat. It is often used in cooking because it is extremely tasty.
  • Recommended for those who want to make effortless meat dishes.


  • Delicious meals are prepared with baguette, which is one of the indispensable meat types of European cuisines.
  • Its nutritional value is also quite high.


  • Breast meat is called mash and it is preferred for the purpose of making cubed meat. It is especially preferred for casseroles. It is frequently used in dry beans, chickpeas, stews and stews.


  • For tas kebab, one of the most popular meat dishes, a type of meat called trance is used. Sokum meat is also used for the same purpose.


  • Minced meat, which is one of the most important ingredients of meatballs, is prepared using a type of meat called pençata.
  • The neck type of meat is also used for minced meat. Meat dishes with bones can be made with lamb neck and lamb sleeve, which are bony meat types.
  • You can cook and consume minced meat in minutes.
  • It is common for it to be consumed with minced meat as an egg, pastry and pastry mortar for breakfast, and with meatballs at dinner.


  • Delicious boiled dishes are obtained from small and puli meats.
  • Lamb shank and beef shank meat are also important ingredients of boiled dishes.


  • The meat type called Egg is a special kind used for making tomato paste steak.
  • Countermeat is also ideal for making tomato paste steaks.
  • Beef rib type meat is used for roasting and making ham.
  • Meat in the thigh section is suitable for making shish kebab.

What are Meals Made with Meat? Kebab Types

Kebab of adana

Adana kebab has a special place among meat dishes. Known for its slightly spicy taste, kebab is enjoyed by many people.

Urfa Kebab

Urfa kebab is another of the varieties that stand out as an exquisite choice among dishes made with meat. This type of kebab, which does not have a high bitterness, is identical with Urfa in accordance with its name. It is a great pleasure to taste this flavor accompanied by ayran made from a quality yogurt.

Shish Kebab

Shish kebab is another type of kebab that is famous all over the world. Shish kebab is made as a result of cooking the cubed meat, which is among the lamb meat varieties, and arranging the bottles. A magnificent table can be set with shish kebab accompanied by shepherd’s salad or seasonal salad.

Kebab types stand out in Turkish cuisine with many varieties:

  • Iskender
  • test
  • smashing
  • couplet
  • Aubergine
  • Stone
  • Different flavors such as forest kebab are among the kebab varieties. Apart from kebab, there are many dishes made with meat such as roasting and meatballs.

What are the Types of Meat Products?

Many different products can be obtained with meat. These products appear in the meat aisles of the markets:

  • Sucuk is one of the most interesting meat types. You can buy sausage from the market and prepare an excellent breakfast with eggs.
  • Salami can always be used as one of the ingredients of delicious sandwiches.
  • You can create an ideal snack plate by decorating the sausages and french fries with ketchup and mayonnaise. Like salami, hams are among the indispensable ingredients of sandwiches.
  • Pastrami is one of the addictive delicious flavors.
  • You can get a good recipe by combining the roast, which is in the category of cold meats, with vegetables and spices.

What is the Nutritional Value of Meat?

Red meat is one of the foods with the highest nutritional value. 100 grams of meat has an average of 143 calories. If you want to make a diet, it is a good choice to eat lean beef.

  • Sheep meat has the highest nutritional value among red meat varieties. When mutton is consumed, the body gains strength and its energy increases.
  • However, people with cardiovascular diseases should be careful when consuming this type of meat. Particular attention should be paid to the amount of meat eaten.
  • Veal is a good option especially for developing children and mothers. Substances such as potassium and iron in beef give it this feature.
  • Red meat is also often recommended by doctors for energy. The unsaturated fatty acids in its content also make meat useful for heart health.
  • Consuming B vitamins is also important for the development of children. Therefore, it is recommended that children often consume dishes made with veal.
  • Beef is also rich in protein. High protein is ideal for those who are on a diet and want to eat healthy red meat.
  • In addition, those who suffer from anemia often need to consume red meat.
  • Lamb meat is similar to veal in many ways. However, lamb meat contains more protein than beef.
  • Another positive feature is that the dishes made with lamb are cooked in a short time.
  • After purchasing lamb meat, it should be consumed without waiting too long.

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