Type 2 diabetes nutrition

Often people set themselves the goal of getting rid of extra pounds. There is one disease, however, in which you must achieve this result by successfully normalizing your personal weight. This is the so-called type 2 diabetes . In it, the body cannot effectively use its own anti-diabetic hormone.

The most basic factors for the appearance of the disease are genetic predisposition, overweight, obesity, high intake of fat and calories, low intake of dietary fiber, lack of sufficient movement, as well as advancing age.

The most basic thing in fighting this type of diabetes is following a proper diet .

Daily food intake should be divided into healthy portions – 3 main meals with 2 intermediate snacks. Eating regularly and regularly reduces hunger by raising blood sugar after a meal.

It is good to halve the intake of bread and pasta, rice, potatoes, cereals, fruits, legumes, as well as lean meats and fish, milk and milk products.

If it is absolutely imperative to lose weight, and in most cases it is, for the best and fastest results, avoid fats such as butter, olive oil, oil, sausages, sheep’s cheese, processed cheese, Balkan cheese, fatty meats and fish, canned meats and fish, fried potatoes , sauces, nuts, as well as any kind of alcohol.

Sugar and sugar products are absolutely prohibited – from chocolate to soft drinks with sugar. Keep in mind that even natural juices contain sugar added from the fruit itself. Minimize the use of salt as well.

When buying food for diabetics, read the contents very carefully. They often contain fructose and sorbitol, which are “hidden” sugars. In some cases, these foods are also high in fat.

What to eat type 2 diabetes

Unlimited amounts of vegetables can be freely included in the type 2 diabetes diet . The best are tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, spinach, salads, onions, carrots, etc.

Tea, coffee, tomato juice, drinks with artificial sweeteners such as saccharin and Nutrasweet can also be taken freely, but the health benefits of which have been proven to be negligible.

These foods contain little or no calories. On the other hand, vegetables are rich in fiber and provide the body with vitamins.

When preparing food for type 2 diabetes, it is allowed to use different spices to improve its taste.

These are the main guidelines for the type 2 diabetes diet . For a more detailed regimen, contact your doctor.


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