Turtó . It is the residue of grains and oleaginous fruits, such as peanuts , when the oil is extracted , it constitutes an excellent food for domestic animals; It can be used as a fertilizer because it is very rich in nitrogen , solids obtained after extracting the oil from the seeds or fruits.


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  • 1 Two possible procedures
  • 2 Extraction
  • 3 Types of Turtó
  • 4 Examples
  • 5 Animal feeding
  • 6 Sources

Two possible procedures

  • The pressure discontinuous cold

The oil (especially olive and walnut oils) is extracted by successive pressures at a temperature below 80 ° C. The yield is low, the turtós conserve for this reason between 6 to 12% fat.

  • The pressure continuous hot

Preheated to 90 ° C, the seeds are pressed until the temperature reaches 120 ° C. The yield rises (the turtó conserves 4 to 6% fat).


Seeds often have the outer layer removed which makes extraction difficult. The lipids are extracted by solubilization in an aqueous solution in organic solvents, such as hexane, heated to 50-60 ° C and by countercurrent percolation for 4-5 hours.

In this case, the performance is higher, giving a turtós almost without oil (0.5% to 2.5%). The two techniques can be applied successively for grains rich in fat ( sunflower , rapeseed, flax). The turtós that remain almost without oil are presented in the form of fine particles, flour (eg rapeseed) or small pieces (soybean). The turtós can be rehumidified and compressed into granules (eg soybeans , sunflower , cotton ).

Types of Turtó

  • Almond oil
  • Hazelnut oil
  • Peanut oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Oil cotton
  • Shea oil (in cosmetics)
  • Flax oil
  • Corn oil : Turtós of corn seed germ
  • Mustard Oil: Toxic Turtós
  • Turnip oil


The oil of sweet almonds is extracted from almonds provided by the almond . It is a very fluid oil, with a pleasant taste and freezes less easily than olive oil. It is used in the preparation of various cerates and liniments. It is prescribed inside as an emollient and is included in various laxative and pectoral potions.

Animal feeding

Some variants of the press cake are used to feed animals. They are very important because they are your main source of protein and they also have a lot of cellulose that only ruminants can digest. The most used turtós are:

  • Soy turtó (70% of tutorials consumed in Europe )
  • The turtó of rapeseed
  • The sunflower turtó


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