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It is becoming more and more common to use aromatic plants indoors, not only to decorate but also for the kitchen and even to offer a natural and quality perfume of the plants. Although they are normally placed in the kitchen, they are now ‘invading’ other places in the house, thanks mainly to the aroma they offer around them.

But, what are the best indoor aromatic plants? If you want to have some at home, but we do not know what they could be, we will give you some examples that you may have and we will tell a little about each of them.


  • Mint
  • Basil
  • peppermint
  • parsley
  • cilantro
  • lavender
  • thyme
  • dill
  • tarragon
  • 10 Romero


Known by other names, such as Mentha piperita (his scientific one), or chocolate mint, is a plant that belongs to the group of mint. It does not grow too much, but it grows throughout the year and becomes one of the plants that you can have in winter.

Regarding your care, you need only sun and medium watering. If you give everything, the plant grows healthy and happy, and you can use it both to perfume your home and for gastronomy.


Basil It is one of the plants that become a trend every summer. And it is known that a plant from them helps to disperse mosquitoes due to the smell, which the insects can not stand. In fact, by passing your hand through it, you will activate the smell that will also perform you.

What you may not know is that basil is also one of the aromatic herbs that are most used in cooking, especially in Italian.

If you put it in a place where the sun shines immediately and you provide a moderate watering, you will have a plant for a long, long time.


And we are from a factory that is used in Italian cuisine to an international factory. We are talking about peppermint, an aromatic herb with which you can give your dishes a different touch . In addition, it is one of the aromatic indoor plants that is most chosen for the exquisite aroma that it distills.

Peppermint care is no different from other plants. It requires direct light, because if you do not give it, it may not have leaves with the characteristic green. And also water. Obviously, the irrigation is moderate since, although it likes humidity, but it does not tolerate flooding.


How many times have you been shopping at a greengrocer or fish shop and asked them to put parsley on you? Well, this is one of the easiest indoor aromatic plants to care for and grow at home, as well as very quick to get out. In fact, it hardly needs any care beyond putting it in a place where the sun shines and you water it a little occasionally.

About the smell, you can know the most because it is a plant that is widely used in Spanish cuisine (especially after a certain TV chef, Carlos Arguiano, made it modern).


Talking about parsley implies, therefore, talking about coriander. Both plants are very similar to each other. They have similar leaves, stems, and they grow even just as fast. But the big difference lies in the smell of the leaves.

Coriander is usually a little softer than parsley, and many like that smell better. Therefore, this is another option to have aromatic plants indoors. Will require sunlight and moderate water, but nothing else. You can always cut the branches you need and it will continue to grow.


Lavender is one of the aromatic indoor plants that not only conquers for the smell it offers, but also for the visual. And is that this plant not only leaves us a green plant, but also flowers, something that many appreciate.

The care of it is not very complicated, because there is sunlight and moderate watering. In return, he will offer you a plant that has medicinal uses, because you can prepare it as an infusion if you need to relax or have sleep.


A while back, the thyme this was one of the plants that you found in the field and that you found your attention because of the characteristic smell. Now, this is not so easy to find, but you can have it at home. In fact, it is one of those plants that hardly need care. You just have to put it where it is sunny and water it from time to time.

You can use it not only to perfume your home, but also in the kitchen and even with medicinal uses (for flu, colds, coughs …).


Dill is one of the aromatic indoor plants. And before you say it, yes, it is more outdoors, but it can be grown in a pot without a problem if you provide the necessary care, such as putting it in a sunny place (though not in direct sunlight) moderate watering.

In return, you will have a plant that you can use in the kitchen (especially with fish) and also with medicinal properties. And we do not forget the use as perfume for the home.


Increasingly known, tarragon is a slightly more delicate plant to grow, but it will not give you problems if you have the requirements in mind. It needs a lot of sunlight and moderate watering. The problem is that can not tolerate humidity or flooding or frost, hence it is better indoors than outdoors.

In addition to helping you perfume your home, you can also use it in the kitchen, for example with sauces, in salads, etc.


Rosemary is always considered as an outdoor plant, but the truth is that it can be grown in a pot. It needs only sunlight and fresh air to live healthy and moderate watering if possible.

It is used to spice up many dishes of our gastronomy and also gives a character of the house. But it is also a symbol of attracting good luck and fortune.

As you can see, there are many aromatic indoor plants that you can consider for your home. Mixing them is also combining their scents, and no, this is not unpleasant. So what would you choose?

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