Tomatoes: Types, Uses and Storage

types of tomatoes
types of tomatoes

The tomato was brought to Europe from South America around 1750 as an ornamental plant by the Spaniards. However, it took another 100 years before people found out that you could eat the tomato. And now there are 70 edible tomatoes on the market. This article discusses 9 types of tomatoes.

All these tomatoes are for sale in the Dutch supermarket. There are many more edible tomatoes, only these are not common in the Netherlands, which is why we do not pay attention to them. Of the 9 types of tomatoes, we start with the most sold tomato; The round tomato.

Do you want to know how to keep tomatoes fresh for a long time? Then read our article How to Store Tomatoes? Tomatoes are also the basis for tomato sauce. You can read how to make tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes in our blog ‘ How to make tomato sauce? Several ways and you can conjure up a delicious sauce on the table.

1. The Round Tomato

This tomato is the most sold and used in many dishes. The round tomato is grown in greenhouses in the Netherlands and in subtropical countries.

These tomatoes are round in shape and are widely used in Dutch cuisine. It does not have a pronounced taste, but the longer you leave the tomato, the riper it becomes and the more flavor the tomato gets. In most households you can always find a stock of round tomatoes.

A frequently heard comment about these round tomatoes is that they often contain a lot of moisture and less pulp. If you want more ‘body’ and meat from your tomato, it is better to buy the next tomato in this list; The beef tomato.

2. The Beef Tomato

This is the largest tomato out of the 10 tomato varieties.

They are smooth or slightly ribbed on the outside and feel very sturdy. And they are also heavy in weight. These beef tomatoes have a lot of flesh and less moisture. They are therefore very suitable for salads and on top of your vegan burger.

Furthermore, these tomatoes can be used in stews and they are delicious when roasted on the grill or barbecue.

3. The Pomedori Tomato

Pomedori tomato is also called plum tomato or Roma tomato. These are 3 different names for 1 tomato.

This tomato has a more elongated shape and resembles a plum, hence the Dutch name plum tomato.

The taste of the pomedori tomato is sweeter than other tomatoes and it has a ‘fleshy’ structure. The pomedori tomato is used for making pasta sauces, soups and salads. It is a delicious tomato to eat raw.

4. The Cherry Tomatoes

These tomatoes are also called Cocktail tomatoes or Cherry tomatoes. Again 3 names for 1 tomato. This group includes many small tomato varieties, they are available in trusses but also separately. Pomedori tomatoes are also for sale in the small variety, often in truss form.

They are small tomatoes that you can eat in one bite. They are fairly firm (because they are small) and have a sweet taste.

These Cherry tomatoes are not only used for snacking. They are a delicious addition to the pasta; cut in half with a few basil leaves also form a nice decor on your plate.

They are also a welcome addition to salads, whole or cut in half.

5. The Coeur De Boeuf

This tomato is also known as the king of tomatoes. The shape of the Coeur de Boeuf is round and strongly ribbed.

According to experts, the taste of this tomato is wonderfully soft and deliciously sweet. Just like a tomato should taste.

The tomato is bigger than any other tomato and feels very firm. The ribbing on the outside gives it its characteristic shape.

This tomato is more expensive than all other tomatoes and is rarely found in the supermarket. The greengrocer or specialist will certainly have this tomato in stock.

Because the taste is so wonderfully soft and deliciously sweet, the tomato is often eaten raw. Thinly sliced ​​with salt and pepper and basil, for example, is a delicacy.

6. Vine tomatoes 

The vine tomato is a special group of tomatoes, because they are ripened on the plant and not in cold stores like most loose tomatoes. The taste is therefore fuller than loose tomatoes. Most loose tomatoes are now also sold as vine tomatoes, but one variety stands out and that is the Tasty Tom Tomato.

7. Tasty Tom Tomato 

The Tasy Tom is an extra refined vine tomato. It is actually a brand name of a medium-sized tomato variety, but we no longer know this medium-sized tomato variety as Tasty Tom.

There should be an average of 7 to 8 fruits on the truss. The tomatoes have a spicy scent and taste wonderfully sweet. This is because a truss is only cut when the last tomato is also red in color.

Because the tomatoes stay on the stem for longer, the vine tomato also has more nutrients and vitamins than other tomatoes.

So they are not only tasty but also healthy.

8. The Snack Tomatoes 

The next in line of 9 types of tomatoes are snack tomatoes. The name says it all, tomatoes for snacking. They are small plum tomatoes that are usually sold in a round transparent jar or a cardboard tray. Delicious to snack on, especially a healthy version for children to snack on.

The pot often contains red but also light orange varieties. Both are snackable.

9. The New Honey Tomato

The breeders continue to develop new varieties that taste different or have more flavour. Tomatoes that are smaller or larger and contain more flesh. All these new variants eventually end up in the supermarket.

This is also a candy/snack tomato that is sold on a truss and has a sweet, honey-like taste.

This will certainly not be the last new development in the field of tomatoes.

Buying Tomatoes

The tomatoes should feel firm when buying. Although the supermarket has many tomatoes that are wrapped in foil, it is advisable to feel how firm the tomatoes are. Well-ripened tomatoes have a deep red color.

Do you want to use the tomatoes right away? Then buy good ripe tomatoes. Do you still have time? Then fewer red tomatoes can be bought. The ripening process just continues.

Store tomatoes

Since tomatoes, originally from a warm climate, they cannot withstand temperatures below 12 degrees. It is therefore best to store the tomatoes outside the refrigerator. We have written an article about storing tomatoes ‘How to store tomatoes?’ Worth a read if you want to keep tomatoes fresh for a long time.

Treatment Of Tomatoes

Wash all tomatoes under the tap before use, including snack tomatoes. Remove the green crown. Cut the tomato into slices or cubes, whichever is desired.

To skin tomatoes, cut a cross at the bottom of the tomato. Cut off the top of the tomato, where the crown is located. By putting the tomatoes in boiling water for about 45 seconds, the tomato will startle, so that the skin can be easily removed.

Tomato A Vegetable or Fruit?

If you look at it botanically, the tomato is a fruit.

If you look at it from a horticultural point of view, the tomato is a vegetable.

So, now you know everything about the 9 types of tomatoes that are for sale in the supermarket.


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