5 Tips to Enjoy Eid Meal Without Fear of Getting Hypertension and Diabetes

Tips for enjoying Eid dishes

Even though it’s only the third week of Ramadan, the atmosphere of Eid Al-Fitr is already felt, Mother. Not only that, Mother can’t wait to eat a typical Eid dish, right?

There are many types of dishes that are a favorite of many people during Eid Al-Fitr, Mother. For example, rendang, stews, opor, and so on.

If you look around, almost all the food served during Eid al-Fitr contains fat and cholesterol. In other words, you will be exposed to various kinds of diseases if you consume it excessively.

A Clinical Nutrition Specialist at Pondok Indah Hospital and PELNI Hospital, dr. Juwalita Surapsari, M.Gizi., SpGK, explained that there are studies that explain that many diseases often occur after Lebaran, Mother. Two of them are hypertension and diabetes.

“It turns out that within five days, starting from the holiday to the next five days, it turns out that outpatient visits have increased. However, the number of hospitalized cases is not too many compared to usual days,” he said at the Ngabuburit with OMRON: Lifestyle Solutions event. Healthy in a Special Moment , Wednesday (20/4/2022).

“Well, if you look at it, it turns out that there are two post-Eid diseases that often increase. Namely diabetes and hypertension. Others have digestive disorders, such as diarrhea, then stomach pain, vomiting,” he continued later.

Tips for enjoying Eid dishes

Juwita explained that there are at least five tips that you can try to avoid hypertension and diabetes when eating Eid dishes. Here is the row:

1. Enjoy in moderation

According to Juwita, Mother should not be too rash while eating Eid dishes, Mother. Juwita suggested that Mother consume fatty dishes and high cholesterol in moderation.

“Eid is for two days. We should eat a little too much, yes, on those two days,” he said.

2. Prepare vegetables

Even though you are allowed to overeat for two days, you still shouldn’t forget about fiber intake from vegetables. This is because fiber can help control cholesterol.

“We can add the vegetables as a companion, for example as salad or pickles, so that in the end our fiber consumption will remain in the two days,”

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