The secret to cutting fruits and vegetables surprisingly fast

cutting fruits and vegetables surprisingly fast

Fruit is both good for the digestive system and has the effect of beautifying the skin and being healthy. If you are lazy to eat or are afraid to process just because of the trimming and preliminary processing, perhaps the following tips will make you widen your eyes in surprise because they are extremely fast.

Cut the tubers in the fastest way

Cutting horizontal and vertical lines before chopping is a method that is applied to many types of fruit and vegetables.

For vegetables that need to be diced, you can apply this way: Use a knife to cut straight, starting with horizontal lines. Next cut the lines vertically. Then keep the original shape block and chop it.

With this method, in just a moment, you have square pomegranate seeds to prepare delicious dishes. More specifically, you can apply this trick to many other fruits and foods to get similar results.

Note, to cut quickly you first need a sharp knife. When cutting, should hold the knife straight, place the thumb on one side of the blade, the index finger on the other side. The other three fingers are used to hold the knife handle. This way of cutting may be unfamiliar if you do it for the first time, but it is safer and faster than placing your index finger on the blade.

How to cut fruits super fast

1. Avocado

How to cut:

Use a knife to cut a line around the avocado seed.

– Twist by hand until avocado splits.

How to eat:

Cut the avocado into small pieces right in the shell.

– You can get the whole avocado by using a cup. Place the meat in the cup and trace the glaze along the side of the cup. Similarly, you can use a tablespoon to scoop out the avocado flesh.

– Alternatively, you can cut each piece vertically and horizontally before applying the method of scooping the meat as above.

– On the other hand, you can cut the avocado into four lengths and lightly pat the skin with your hands.

– Avocado is not only used as a delicious sauce but also blended into a smoothie or eaten raw with salt or sugar.

2. Kiwi fruit

You can cut kiwi fruit in half using a spoon to scoop each piece to enjoy or use a glass-like you use with avocado for extremely fast results.

3. Pomegranate

You can waste pomegranate seeds by cutting them in half with a knife. Try it this way and see if it’s super fast.

Use a sharp knife to cut off the top. Make a slight slit 5 to 6 lines along the pomegranate body. Then, use the tip of the blade to gently press down on the tip of the cut fruit in front of the head. You will get whole pomegranate segments, not broken and very easy to eat.

4. Mango

Quick steps to cut mango.

– Cut the mango lengthwise and take the cheeks.

– Use a sharp knife to cut vertical lines, followed by horizontal lines with large and small distances depending on needs.

– Finally, you break the mango cheek back and easily peel off the mango flesh.

5. Pineapple (fragrant)

Use a sharp knife to cut off the top and bottom.

– Take pineapple to a quarter (4 equal parts)

– Continue to use a knife to slice across each piece to cut the meat.

– Finally, remove the stem (if desired) and cut it into small pieces.

6. Watermelon

Steps to cut the watermelon into bite-sized pieces.

– Cut the melon into four.

– Place a piece horizontally, slit it diagonally in two lines along with the piece of melon so that it is just past the skin. At this time, the surface of the shell will be divided into 3 parts.

– Next, you slice both sides along the cut line so that it is close to the previous notch.

– After taking out the two parts, you will have a middle shell. At this point, you just need to cut it into equal pieces and place it on a plate to enjoy the cool, fresh taste.

With this way of peeling, you can make users silently thank them because they eat very easily.

7. Mangosteen fruit

You need to cut around the diameter so that it fits through the skin to split the mangosteen in half.

– Just use your fingers to press down to the top and bottom of the mangosteen fruit. Then, gently squeeze the body to be able to separate the shell easily.

– In addition, the number of wings at the end of the mangosteen fruit also corresponds to the number of segments of that fruit. This trick is extremely helpful for you in choosing to buy delicious mangosteen, right?

– If using a knife, you need to cut around the diameter of the fruit so that it is just past the skin to separate the fruit.

8. Ways to peel oranges

Method 1:

– Cut off the top and bottom of the fruit.

– Peel all the skin and pulp so that the orange line is exposed.

– According to the orange lines, you cut diagonally left and right alternately to get the fastest orange zones.

Method 2:

Apply to Xa Doai oranges or oranges with sweet pulp.

– Cut off the top and bottom of the orange

– Cut off the shell without removing the pulp

– Finally, you cut the orange into round slices.

In this way, you always eat the orange pulp, giving you a feeling of being both chewy, fragrant, and a little bit of a light taste mixed in each juicy, sweet orange clove.

Method 3:

– Add oranges into 4 parts

– Turn each part upside down to separate the pack

Method 4:

The fastest orange cutting steps.

– Cut off the two ends of the orange

– You cut a line on the fruit body and from this notch, you extend the orange into a strip.

This is probably the fastest way to separate the segments in orange, right?

Hopefully, with the above methods applied to the preliminary processing and trimming of vegetables and fruits, you will have more time to take care of your family.

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