The Hollywood Diet

The name of this diet is due to its popularity among Hollywood stars . There are several dozen variants of the Hollywood diet . Today, this is what almost every low-calorie diet is called, but we will talk about the classic version of the Hollywood diet.

The classic Hollywood diet includes mainly meat, eggs, fish, chicken and some fruits and vegetables. Dishes are prepared without fat, salt, sugar, flour. Bread and alcohol are completely excluded. As with any diet, water is an integral part of the Hollywood slimming method. It is advisable to drink at least 1.5 liters per day.

In some of the varieties of the diet, breakfast is omitted, but we recommend that you eat something for breakfast , preferably 1-2 fruits, depending on their type and size, as well as a cup of tea or coffee. The diet can easily be followed by anyone and does not require any expensive and secret foods available only to Hollywood greats.

The sample menu is not strictly consistent and allows for a variety of improvisations. As mentioned, breakfast should always consist of a seasonal fruit.

Sample menu for the Hollywood Diet

Day 1:

Lunch – 1 egg, 1 tomato;

Dinner – 1 egg, green salad, grapefruit.

Day 2:

Lunch – vegetable soup and grilled chicken;

Dinner – grilled beef without fat, 1 cucumber.

Day 3:

Lunch – 1 egg, 1 tomato, steamed spinach;

Dinner – veal fillet , grilled without fat and green salad.

Day 4:

Lunch – 1 grapefruit, salad of cabbage, celery and yogurt, tea or water;

Dinner – 1 hard-boiled egg, 150 grams of cottage cheese seasoned with red pepper and cumin, 100 grams of carrot salad with lemon juice, tea.

Day 5:

Lunch – fruit salad made from fruits of your choice, which do not contain a lot of sugar, without additives, maybe just a little walnuts;

Dinner – 200 grams of boiled fish, 60 grams of stewed mushrooms, tea.

More kilos are lost during the first week of following the Hollywood diet , but if you wish, you can repeat it again to keep the lost kilos longer.

It’s hardest in the beginning, then the body gets used to it. The diet is not suitable for people who have diseases of the liver , bile, stomach, diabetics, pregnant and lactating women.


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