Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

Ingredients for Strawberry Jam (Explanation at Full Consistency)

  • 4-kilo Strawberries 🍓🍓🍓🍓
  • 2 kilos of Sugar 🍬🍬
  • 1 teaspoon margarine or butter
  • Juice of half a lemon 🍋🍋

Strawberry Jam (Explanation at Full Consistency) Recipe

Wishing everyone a Strawberry Scented Day 🍓🍓 Dear valued members, everyone actually knows how to make jam. But I would like to give you my own strawberry jam recipe. You know that normally everyone uses 1 kilo of sugar for 1 kilo of strawberries, that is, one-to-one measure in jams. However, after a kilo of strawberries is cleaned and sorted, it is very little and 1 big packet of sugar is definitely too much for me. Not to mention that it turns into a very faint, sugary, extremely dark, waxed, and discolored gray jam. I always make it in half and half measure, and it is definitely a jam that you will want to eat as long as you eat it with great taste and consistency. Every year I make a variety of every fruit, and by summer they’re all gone. 😋😋
Let’s see how jam is made in Nesli’s Kitchen 😚😚

  1. First of all, the strawberries are sorted out, their leaves are cleaned and washed well.
  2. Half is put in the pot and half of the sugar is spread evenly.
  3. The remaining Strawberries are also placed and the remaining strawberries are spread evenly.
  4. It is kept in a cool environment with the lid closed for 1 night in order to release its own juice that will give the jam flavor.
  5. Strawberries that have released their juices are put on the stove and left to boil over medium heat.
  6. When it starts to boil well, it is taken to the smallest point and left to boil slowly over low heat.
  7. It must be mixed from time to time.
  8. In the first place, I recommend that you do not leave the beginning too much and be controlled. Jam needs to be cooked slowly for a long time. Never close the lid while cooking.
  9. When the strawberries soften and gradually start to become jam, a little fat is added to make sure that there is zero foam when the foam disappears and it is cooked, it is not obvious at all, but it is very beneficial. Those who do not want to put it can not put it, there will be no problem.
  10. In that way, lemon juice is added to the jam, which has a consistency that starts to decrease gradually after it is boiled for 5-10 minutes, and it is boiled for another 5-10 minutes.
  11. Since it leaves a lot of water, it will still be a little thick and watery, but since we added lemon juice, be careful not to squeeze the juice too much, calculating that it will thicken later when it cools. But do not close it before the yam is cooked before it reaches full consistency.
  12. After making jam, it is filled in hot and especially dry clean jars, and there should never be water.
  13. Then it is tightened well with a dry cap and turned over.
  14. It’s ready when it’s cold.
  15. You can keep the jams that have held the lid for a long time. If you are going to consume it immediately, never put it in jars before it cools down, otherwise, it will mold.
  16. You can make half the size if you want. But it already falls below half, you have to do it by calculating. The more you make at once, the more water it will release, so it is better to cook it all together, and the consistency is just right.
    ENJOY 🍓🍓

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