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dietary supplements

To reduce excess weight, a versatile intervention in the metabolic processes of the body is required: it is necessary to reduce the sensitivity of the appetite center, increase the oxidation of fats, and reduce the absorption of nutrients in the intestine. Safe dietary supplements for weight loss are often recommended for weight management. However, no dietary supplement alone will cause significant weight loss. They help only if calorie intake is limited and eating behavior is normalized. Miracles do not happen in the world – if you want to lose weight, watch what you eat and how much.

Popular dietary supplements for weight loss

“Supersystem-six” combines six effective methods of influencing the process of body weight correction: suppresses the sensitivity of the appetite center, accelerates fat metabolism, enhances fatty acid oxidation, promotes muscle mass growth, increases energy expenditure due to an increase in body temperature and contains 84 different components (vitamins and minerals). It lowers the feeling of hunger, makes the stomach feel full. “Super System-Six” provides a smooth and therefore safe for the body weight loss.

“Bodyform” as the main component contains natural dietary fiber obtained from cereals and citrus fruits. The preparation also contains milk powder, silicon dioxide, methylcellulose, sorbic acid. Each of the components, except for milk powder, has a sorbing effect, together they normalize the activity of the digestive system, reduce appetite. This food supplement has no contraindications and can be used even during pregnancy and lactation.

“Beauty cocktail” provides a reduction in the calorie content of food. It contains fructose, maltodextrin, soy protein, milk protein, essential minerals (sodium, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus) and vitamins (A, C, D, E, B, B, B6, B12) and a vitamin-like substance AT 5. The cocktail has a pleasant taste, is safe for health, has no contraindications and side effects.

Citri-Max is a high quality dietary food supplement. Its main component is garcinia cambogia extract, containing hydroxy citric acid, which suppresses the formation of fats, reduces appetite, and increases the level of energy metabolism. Citri-Max contains chromium polynicotinate, which regulates the release of insulin by the pancreas. The combination of Garcinia cambogia with chromium polynicotinate is also part of the “Supersystem Six”. Citri-max is contraindicated in children, pregnant and lactating women.

“Slimming” contains green tea extract, green beans, iron gluconate, a complex of vitamins (A, E, C, B, B, B6, PP, vitamin-like substance B5). This food supplement accelerates fat oxidation and slows down the absorption of sugars and fats from the digestive system.

The flat stomach dietary supplement contains brewer’s yeast, rosemary, charcoal, as well as lacto- and bifidobacteria necessary for effective digestion. These microorganisms provide natural protection of the intestine from the penetration of foreign bacteria, suppress pathogenic and opportunistic microflora. Together with brewer’s yeast, microorganisms synthesize vitamins and amino acids, ensure the absorption of calcium, iron, vitamin D, and have a local immunomodulatory effect. Rosemary relieves spasms of the bile ducts and intestines, improves tissue blood flow, stimulates the activity of the digestive glands, and has a slight tonic effect. Charcoal absorbs food allergens, removes metabolic products and partially absorbs fats and reduces their absorption in the intestines.

“Dietary fiber – appetite regulator” contains bran, dietary fiber of grapefruit, pulp of ceratonia fruits, rhubarb, mineral salts, apple pectin, wood mallow flowers. The main active ingredient is ceratonia, the pulp of which contains a lot of pectin and dietary fiber. Ceratonia improves intestinal motility and, together with rhubarb, has a mild laxative effect, removes toxic metabolic products from the digestive tract. Dietary fiber (BAA) and pectins in a humid environment gradually increase in volume and create the effect of a “full” stomach and intestines.

For the regulation of body weight, drugs “Carotene-Essentiale” and “Liposomal Carotene” are used. These preparations contain beta-carotene, vitamins E and C, natural phospholipids, have antioxidant, anti-sclerotic, immunostimulating effects, and regulate fat metabolism.

“Bekunis light” from the seeds of ovate plantain is also used for obesity. It has a laxative effect, stimulates the peristalsis of the large intestine, regulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, lowers cholesterol and glucose in the blood, and replenishes the lack of ballast substances in the diet.

“Vitrum Aterolitin” contains a set of vitamins (A, E, C, B, 13. A. B., PP, folic acid, pantothenic acid), zinc, selenium, oat bran, plantain seed powder, soy lecithin, yeast, fish oil , beta-sitosterol. The drug regulates fat metabolism and redox processes. This allows it to be used to correct body weight.

Nova Figura contains brown algae extract, rhubarb root extract, plum extract, licorice root powder. This dietary supplement helps to reduce body fat, normalizes metabolism, prevents excessive accumulation of fluid in tissues, suppresses hunger and gastric acid secretion, and has a laxative effect. Nova Figura is also recommended for the treatment of obesity.

“Sveltform” contains Cambodian garcinia, Chinese camellia, bladder fucus, yeast with a high chromium content, sodium ascorbic acid. Garcinia activates fat metabolism, suppresses appetite, slows down the formation of fats and activates the oxidation of fatty acids and carbohydrates in the liver and tissues. The leaves and buds of camellia chinensis contain caffeine. It stimulates the oxidation of fats and their excretion from the body. The polyphenols found in camellia chinensis reduce the absorption of fats and carbohydrates in the body. Fucus bladder – brown seaweed, contains polysaccharide agarose, minerals, including iodine, vitamins and other biologically active substances. Fucus inhibits the activity of digestive enzymes and interferes with the absorption of fats. Chromium maintains normal blood glucose levels. In this way, “Sveltform” has a multifaceted effect in the normalization of body weight. The drug is contraindicated in children and women during pregnancy and lactation. The course of treatment is 1 month as prescribed by a doctor.

“Dietplast” is a homeopathic remedy in the form of a patch based on Fucus vesiculosus. A 32 x 32 mm patch is applied to the intact skin of the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. Use one patch per day; the next day, a new square of plaster is glued to a new place. With iodine intolerance, local skin irritation and redness of the face and upper body are possible. “Dietplast” is contraindicated in children, pregnant and lactating women.

All herbs, dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies used in the correction of body weight are only auxiliary means. They only work when dieting, increasing physical activity, and changing eating behavior. Any supplements and phytopreparations, even without contraindications, can be used only on the recommendation of a doctor. Self-medication is often not only ineffective, but also dangerous.

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