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ram egg

Organs and other parts of the offal, excluding the meat of cattle and sheep, consist of lungs, liver, heart, sleeper, trotter, head, rumen, tongue, kidney, spleen, brain, intestine and ram’s egg.

Offal, which has a deep-rooted history in Anatolian lands, draws attention with its taste and high nutritional value. The most important feature of offal is that they must be consumed fresh.

The offal, which are recommended to be consumed after being kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of two days, lose their nutritional value when stored for a long time and may cause harmful effects on the body. Among the offal, ram’s egg is the most intriguing one due to its shape and function.

What is a ram egg?

  • Ram eggs, which are the ovaries of bovine and ovine animals, are prepared for cooking after the animal is slaughtered and offered for sale. The ram’s egg, which is usually found in offal, is a white-colored soft tissue organ with a slippery and wet appearance.
  • The ram egg is also known as crystal.
  • The ram egg, which has a transparent layer on it, has different weights depending on the type of animal it is slaughtered. While ram eggs in male sheep have a weight of approximately 100-150 grams, a beef ram egg weighs approximately 1-1.5 kilograms.
  • You may also have wondered where to find ram eggs.
  • Of course, you can find ram eggs in butchers, and it is also possible to access this product in meat aisles in big markets. You can also buy ram eggs by online shopping.
  • The ram egg dish, which is widely used in making hot starters and appetizers, is also very tasty.
  • Since ram eggs obtained from sheep are softer and smaller, beef is preferred more than ram eggs.
  • Although there are rumors that eating ram eggs increase sexual power, these rumors have no validity scientifically.

Ram Eggs Calories and Nutritional Information

  • As with all offal varieties, ram eggs are a food rich in cholesterol. For this reason, those with high cholesterol problems, those with cardiovascular disease and elderly individuals should pay attention to the consumption of ram eggs.
  • 100 grams of ram eggs is about 109 calories. The food, which is very low in calories compared to other offal, contains high levels of vitamin A and vitamin B12. In addition to these, ram eggs, which contain high levels of folic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin B5 and niacin, are also rich in copper, selenium, phosphorus and iron minerals.
  • Ram’s egg, which has a low fat content compared to other offal, is a very good source of protein.
  • Well, does ram egg increase sperm? Since it is an organ where sperms are produced and preserved, ram eggs are thought to increase sexual power. However, there is no scientific evidence that the ram egg has such a feature.
  • Due to its high protein, vitamin and mineral content, it can be beneficial for the reproductive system as well as for all systems of the body.

What are the Benefits of the Coach Egg?

  • Ram eggs, which contain high levels of iron, should be consumed especially by patients with anemia. The food, which draws attention with its anemia preventive effect, is a good quality iron source.
  • Due to its high protein content, it has a satiating effect for a long time. It also speeds up metabolism.
  • Because of these effects, it helps to lose weight. At the same time, its high protein content also supports the preservation of muscle mass.
  • Ram eggs, which contain high levels of choline, help the nervous system to work regularly. It provides a memory-enhancing effect.
  • The benefits of ram egg recommended for diabetics, as it gradually raises blood sugar, can also be counted among the benefits of regulating the digestive system.
  • Because it is a less preferred nutrient than meat, the economic ram’s egg is the best protein source with a low price.
  • The ram’s egg, which has a nutritional value due to the vitamins and minerals it contains, helps to strengthen the immune system and helps protect the body against diseases.

Can You Eat A Ram’s Egg?

  • Ram’s egg, which is not wanted to be consumed by some people because of its appearance and function, is actually a very tasty food.
  • Ram’s egg, which is not welcomed to be eaten in some cultures or religious beliefs, is a food that is loved and consumed in our country. In some cultures, ram eggs are offered to family elders or elders in rank.
  • The food, which is not harmful to be consumed in terms of Islam, is widely consumed especially after sacrificing.
  • The reason why ram eggs bought by weight from offal are not consumed as often as liver or kidney is that it is not known how to cook.
  • Properly cooked food is delicious and nutritious.
  • Ram egg is a food with high nutritional value and is one of the offal types recommended to be consumed in a healthy diet program. However, due to the high content of vitamins and minerals, excessive consumption of offal can lead to health problems.
  • Consumption of ram eggs once or twice a month is recommended in a healthy nutrition program.
  • Ram eggs, which are rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, can cause fatty liver and increase cholesterol when consumed at high rates.

How to Clean a Ram Egg?

  • Before a ram’s egg is cooked, it must undergo some processing. Especially cleaning the outer membrane makes the cooking process easier.
  • Usually, the ram’s egg, which is bought and cleaned by the butcher or offal seller, comes to the kitchen ready to cook.
  • Before answering the questions of how to cook a ram’s egg and how to make a ram ‘s egg, let’s underline that the preliminary preparation stage should be done in the best way.
  • A sharp knife is primarily needed for the ram’s egg membrane removal process.
  • To clean the ram’s egg, which has a thick and hard membrane, the egg is taken into the palm of the hand and the longitudinal membrane is cut. The membrane is separated from the egg meat by inserting the index or thumb into the cut membrane space.
  • The dice are peeled off and completely removed from the ram’s egg with the help of other fingers.
  • The intra-organ oils around the ram’s egg are among the oil types that are not recommended to be consumed. Consuming these oils, which have high saturated fat content, after cleaning is more beneficial for health.

How to Cook Ram Eggs?

  • You may have questions such as how to cook ram eggs in the barbecue, how to saute ram eggs.
  • There are many cooking methods for ram eggs.
  • For the ram egg recipe , the cleaning process must be done first.
  • After the ram’s egg membrane is peeled, it is washed and dried. The dried ram egg is cut into thin slices. After it is cut, it is marinated by mixing it with olive oil, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. After being marinated in the refrigerator for a few hours, ram eggs are cooked on the grill or barbecue.
  • Only a pan is sufficient to make a practical ram egg.
  • Another ram’s egg recipe is stir-frying. The ram’s egg, which is cleaned and dried, is cut into cubes.
  • The most delicious answer to the question of how to fry a ram’s egg is with butter.
  • Put the butter in the pan. The chopped ram eggs are thrown into the pan and sauteed until they turn brown. Seasoning can be added optionally before sautéing.
  • The most preferred cooking method is the ram egg kebab method. Olive oil, thyme added, chopped pepper, tomato, onion, garlic and ram’s egg are put in a casserole dish. The mouth of the casserole dish is wrapped with aluminum foil and cooked by placing it in the oven or on the stove over low heat.
  • The ram’s egg dish is also a type of food that is loved and consumed.
  • Ram eggs , which are cleaned, washed and dried, are cut into cubes to make ram eggs roast . It is then poured into a large pan.
  • Fill enough water to cover the chopped ram eggs.
  • It is boiled for 10 minutes, taken into a colander and left to drain.
  • Olive oil or butter is put into the pan according to taste. Boiled and drained chopped ram eggs are added to the pan.
  • Spices such as black pepper, salt, cumin, and red pepper are added and sautéed for 5-10 minutes.
  • If desired, onions and tomatoes can be added to the sautéed ram egg.
  • The ram’s egg dish, which is ready to eat, can be served with parsley, sumac and onion.
  • A ram’s egg is also consumed as an appetizer in the form of boiled eggs. After cleaning, you can chop the ram eggs that you boiled for about 10 minutes, then lemon and serve. This recipe is an alternative that resembles the presentation of the brain as an appetizer in boiled form.

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