Plums: Eat this amount of plums a day and lose weight


It is no secret to anyone that eating fruit helps keep the body healthy . But if you also want to be in shape, there are certain foods that can help you lose extra kilos. Plums are a clear example of a food that will help you lose weight if you eat a certain amount every day. In addition, it is very good for constipation and for the bones .

Plums have nutritional properties that favor the body and will make you feel healthier . The proportion that you should consume daily will depend on the goal you want to achieve, as well as on your gender since there are different recommendations for men and women. Plums are a delicious and sometimes addictive fruit, therefore they should be eaten in moderation and that is the reason why we tell you how many you should eat to see results.

Lose weight eating this amount of plums a day

As with other foods , the servings of plums will depend on the effect you want on your body. According to specialists, it is recommended to eat 170 grams of plums a day if you are a man , and 140 grams of plums a day if you are a woman . Since the main objective is to lose weight, the ideal is that you eat this amount for 12 weeks so that you can see the results.

Plums have in their favor their high concentration of pectin fiber that causes a satiating effect, so you will not feel the need to eat as often. This fruit also provides benefits to the digestive system, a point that adds to weight loss and of course helps you maintain a healthier stomach .

It should be noted that the plum has among its properties, sorbitol , a component that helps intestinal mobility and relieves constipation . Sorbitol is an artificial sugar with laxative effects, which is why its consumption should be moderate, as it could cause gastrointestinal problems. You can eat five to six plums daily twice a day for three weeks to combat constipation.

If you want to strengthen your bones , do not stop eating two plums a day, in this way the vitamin K , boron and calcium in the plum will protect the bone cells, but will also act in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis , and in the health of women with menopause. It is advisable to consume plums in the morning, preferably.

To eat plums at night , you must keep in mind that the amount is limited since, as mentioned, the artificial sugar of this fruit works as a laxative and if you exceed it, you can generate stomach discomfort during the night. To avoid this, consider the option of preparing prune juice or natural yogurt to balance the food.

Benefits of plums beyond weight loss

You can eat dried or natural plums, the nutrients are always maintained, developing important health benefits, such as:

  • Reduces blood cholesterol .
  • Prevents colon cancer .
  • Retains estrogen in postmenopausal women.
  • Take care of cardiovascular diseases .

Plums have always been considered one of the healthiest foods  thanks to all the properties that accompany them, for example fiber , which is ideal for protecting the digestive system; vitamin K, vitamin C and pectin that keep blood vessels healthy; polyphenols , meanwhile , have an antioxidant and anti- inflammatory action that improves the bacterial flora of the intestines and reduces cell damage.

Another way to eat plums every day to lose weight is to do it before each meal, with one or two plums. To improve digestion, eat two to three fresh plums with a glass of water for breakfast. However, the most advisable thing is always to guide yourself by the recommendations of a specialist.

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