Papaya Ripe! When is that so?


The papaya is a fruit that belongs to the melon family. The fruit grows high in the tree, under a leaf cover and on the trunk. The taste of the papaya is about the same as the taste of a honeydew melon. But how do you know when a papaya is ripe?

Papaya Ripe: A papaya is ripe when the skin is yellow. The skin should also be smooth, but the skin may have a few bruises. In addition, you can lightly press the skin and the pulp will spring with it. A green papaya is not ripe.

The papaya comes into its own in a smoothie. It is also a delicious combination with melon. There are many types of melon.

When Is a Papaya Ripe?

A papaya can weigh up to 3 kilograms. The skin of the ripe papaya is yellow and the flesh orange with many black seeds. You do not eat the seeds, but you remove them. How do you know if a papaya is ripe? It starts with the purchase!

Purchase Papaya Ripe

It all starts in the supermarket or greengrocer when you buy a papaya. The papaya has a smooth yellow skin without bruising. However, bruising can occur during transport, but a papaya with many bruises should simply be left in the store.

By the way, papayas are picked when they are slightly ripe, when the skin is already turning yellow. If the papaya is picked with a green skin, it will not ripen. You should therefore avoid a papaya with green skin in the supermarket.

Papaya Ripe Color

The color of the papaya is the first sign of whether a papaya is ripe or not. The color of the skin (of the papaya sold in the Netherlands) must be yellow, evenly yellow.

And as said, there may be a few bruises on it. A papaya with shriveled skin and a lot of bruising will taste different than a good ripe papaya. This papaya starts to ferment and you can taste and smell it right away. You can also check this by pressing the peel.

Press The Peel

Pressing the skin is also an indication of whether a papaya is ripe. There are three possibilities when you press the peel:

  1. You cannot press the peel. This papaya is not ripe yet. If the skin is yellow, it will certainly ripen further.
  2. You can lightly press the skin and the papaya will spring with it. This papaya is probably ripe. Also check the outside of the papaya as described above.
  3. The peel can push you in far and does not spring with it. This papaya is overripe or already rotting. So don’t buy.

These are the two methods to find out if a papaya is ripe. Buy a ripe papaya if you want to consume it within one or two days. Buy a slightly unripe papaya if you want to take longer to eat it. You can let the papaya ripen at home, but where do you store the papaya?

Storing papaya

An unripe papaya needs to ripen even further. You do this ripening outside the refrigerator. That’s where you keep an unripe papaya. Place the papaya on the fruit bowl in the room, it will be nice and warm there. Check every day whether the papaya is ripe to consume. It can suddenly go very fast, so check every day.


If the papaya is ripe and you don’t want to prepare it yet, put the papaya in the refrigerator for a maximum of 3 days. Papaya is a tropical fruit that does not tolerate cold well. Leaving the papaya in the fridge for too long can cause it to rot.

If you have a cut papaya, clean it completely. remove the seeds and skin and make slices or cubes. Then put it in a sealable container and place it in the refrigerator.


You can also keep pieces of papaya in the freezer. Clean the papaya again, remove the skin and seeds. Cut the papaya into pieces and put it in a freezer container or freezer bag. Place the papaya in the freezer. You can now keep it for 12 months. I hope you don’t, because frozen papaya is delicious in a smoothie.

The longer you leave the papaya in the freezer, the more it loses flavor and the structure changes.

Papaya Cleaning

You clean a papaya by first cutting it in half lengthwise. Then you remove the insides and the seeds with a spoon. You scoop this out of the fruit with a spoon.

Now cut the papaya into slices and you can remove the peel from the papaya with a sharp knife by simply peeling it. You can also remove the peel with a vegetable peeler.

Now cut the papaya into slices and possibly into cubes. It just depends on what you want to use it for.

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