Nutrition of blood type 0


  • Nutrition for 0 blood type
  • Animal proteins
  • Vegetables for blood type 0
  • 1. Forbidden vegetables for blood type 0
  • Allowed fruits for blood type 0
  • 1. Forbidden fruits for blood type 0
  • Dairy products
  • Other useful foods for people with blood type 0
  • Foods whose consumption should be avoided
  • Contraindications of diet for blood type 0

If you’re wondering if your diet should be tailored to your blood type and your menu should be an idea healthier, then the answer to these questions is yes. In this article, we will talk about what a person should eat if he has blood type 0 .

According to doctor Peter D’Adamo, the foods we eat interact chemically with our blood type.

If we eat according to our blood type, our body will digest food much more easily and fully. This will also help to naturally regulate weight. In addition to all this, if we eat according to our blood type, we will have much more energy and significantly reduce the risks of diseases.

  1. Nutrition for 0 blood type

Since ancient times, people who have blood type 0 have been defined as so-called “natural predators” who are very prone to angry outbursts more often. Also, people with this blood type are much more aggressive and impulsive than others. However, these facts have not been scientifically proven.

The impulsive decision-making of those with blood type 0 can also affect their food choices. And this, in turn, leads to weight gain, diabetes, ulcers, insulin resistance, and thyroid problems.

People with blood type 0 have a number of positive qualities, some of which are strength, a strong figure and a very sharp and clear mind;

  1. Animal proteins

For this blood type, physical activity and the acquisition of protein of animal origin are of vital importance. The body of people with this blood type can digest and break down meat much more easily because their stomachs have a much higher content of stomach acid. Representatives of this blood group should eat meat that is not fatty and does not contain any impurities and chemicals, poultry and fish can be consumed. Eating these foods, which contain high-quality protein , helps the body function normally and without much stress;

  1. Vegetables for blood type 0

As we have already said, people who have this blood group should consume more animal proteins and a moderate amount of vegetables. However, it is not necessary to completely exclude vegetables from the menu. Vegetables that should enter the menu of people with blood type 0 are:

– spinach;

– lettuce;

– broccoli.

These vegetables are high in vitamin K, which helps with normal blood clotting . People with this blood type are more prone to blood clotting problems and therefore should eat foods that help improve this function.

In addition to the vegetables listed above, people with this blood group can also eat: turnips, leeks, sweet potatoes, garlic, onions, horseradish, peppers, pumpkin, parsnips, parsley, leeks and artichokes;

2.1. Forbidden vegetables for blood type 0

Vegetables that should not be eaten are fermented olives, shiitake mushrooms and alfalfa sprouts.

Because everyone with blood type 0 is more prone to arthritis, they should also not consume eggplant and potatoes and corn;

  1. Allowed fruits for blood type 0

In order for a diet to be well balanced and saturated with proteins, some fruits should also be added. It is very important for this blood type to have a balance of acidity in the gastrointestinal tract, because, as we said above, when the acidity is increased, it can lead to the formation of ulcers.

Therefore, blood type 0 people should consume fruits that are alkaline in nature, such as berries, figs, prunes and prunes .

3.1. Forbidden fruits for blood type 0

As among vegetables, there are also fruits that should not be consumed by people with blood type 0. Some fruits can increase the acidity in the stomach. These are oranges, strawberries, tangerines, blackberries, coconuts and melons. All other fruits not listed in this column are allowed for consumption.

  1. Dairy products

Everyone with blood type 0 should be careful with the consumption of dairy products and should keep it to a minimum. Eggs should be reduced, and in the best case, stopped completely. Dairy products that are allowed for consumption are soy milk, feta cheese, mozzarella, soy cheese and butter;

  1. Other useful foods for people with blood type 0

– walnuts;

– olives;

– Rye bread

– rice;

– rapeseed oil;

– Sesame oil;

– olive oil;

– linseed oil;

  1. Foods whose consumption should be avoided

– Wheat products – cereals, bread, legumes, beans should be minimized or completely excluded from the menu. One of the factors for reduced metabolism in people with blood type 0 is the gluten content in these foods. This interferes with the good effectiveness of insulin and, accordingly, the metabolism slows down;

– Cashews, peanuts, pistachios, poppy seeds, cottonseed oil are also prohibited for consumption.

  1. Contraindications of diet for blood type 0

As you may have figured out, the diet we shared with you is based solely on blood type. Therefore, if you happen to have any chronic disease such as diabetes, the diet may not be the same as recommended for you. Then the aforementioned diet is not recommended unless consulted by a doctor.

A blood type diet is also not recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular disease, people with high blood pressure or high cholesterol.


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