Loquat Tree

Loquat Tree

Loquats are excellent trees to plant in the garden . They are ornamental species with beautiful white flowers that appear from the end of spring to the beginning of summer, offering a delicious aroma and autumn color. The edible fruits of the medlar tree have a particular flavor that many love. They can be eaten raw, although others prefer to make jellies, desserts and even wine.

Medlars were widespread throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. However, it has lost popularity in recent years and is rarely seen in gardens. This wild fruit tree is most common in orchards and along fields and roadsides. But, this loss of popularity can be considered a mistake, since it could be one of the best spaces to plant . If you are one of those who like to take care of incredible species, try planting an olive tree from an olive in a pot .

This is how you should plant loquats

The loquat thrives in both sunny and semi-shaded locations as long as the plant is protected from strong winds. Generally prefers well-drained, slightly acidic soils with low lime content. You can plant your tree bare root, digging a hole big enough to cover it completely. The most recommended is to do it in late fall or winter so that they can develop strong roots and grow well the following spring.

If you prefer to plant medlars in pots , you can do so at any time of the year, although this tree is not the most suitable for planting in pots, as it needs a lot of space to develop its root system, so we recommend using a pot as large as possible. big enough.

If you want to plant several medlars at the same time to create a hedge, do so leaving a meter apart. The advantage of this plan is that the trees support each other and are therefore less susceptible to wind damage. You can use stakes for young loquat trees to give them the support they need.

Where it is recommended to plant

The medlar has successfully spread to regions as diverse as Southeast Asia and Northwest Europe. This plant will not produce fruit in tropical climates as it requires winter cold to flower, just like apples. They grow well, harvest well, and produce good quality fruit in almost all parts of Europe . They should always be planted in full sun for optimum fruit production, but will produce good amounts of fruit in partial shade.

Loquats can be grown in the lower canopy . The size of the tree is determined by a set of factors, among which we must include the growing conditions and the chosen pruning regimen. Keep in mind that this is a hermaphroditic species, meaning it has both male and female organs, and is pollinated by bees and other insects. The plant is self-fertile, although it will benefit from cross-pollination.

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