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The Laurus nobilis plant, colloquially known as laurel or lauro, is a plant native to the Mediterranean, perfect to accompany your favorite foods thanks to working perfectly well as a condiment that, like black pepper, is capable of adding aroma and flavor to dishes . . Its use is associated with other needs and it maintains an influence that dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, where it was already used to crown great warriors and athletes, as well as to ward off evil spirits and therefore a great association. to represent the emperors, which shows the power of this plant .

At present , its use is fully extended to the culinary art and it is common for many dishes to incorporate this ingredient or food , especially meat, which maintains an almost obligatory use of laurel, either in a form of marinade or to function as perfection in stews and due to its great possibilities it allows you to also use it in pasta and even in salads. Given the importance of this plant, I want to share 9 uses that it is currently possible to give these bay leaves and achieve a use that goes beyond a simple condiment .

The laurel and its incredible and multifaceted uses

Although most people know laurel for its ability to give flavor and aroma to dishes, that is, as an ideal condiment, it is important to mention that it has many other widely beneficial uses for humans and is also a plant that contains good doses of vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin C , as well as minerals where magnesium, potassium, calcium and selenium stand out.

Beyond functioning as a plant used in magic and divination rituals, as well as its extensive properties to offer protection against negative energies. Such is its importance that the church tried in vain to eliminate these pagan customs, but in the end they simply succumbed and won and the laurel next to the olive tree represents its importance through the celebration of Palm Sunday.

1. A great flavoring for your meals

Being used as an aromatic herb , laurel maintains one of its main uses as a flavoring and flavor enhancer for your prepared foods, hence it is an essential ingredient in many preparations, as well as many marinades or condiments . , where mixed with other herbs it manages to generate indisputable flavors for your roasts and stews.

2. A hair ally plant

The laurel integrates gigantic beneficial properties that many are unaware of, this plant can be a great ally to enjoy beautiful hair free of impurities, its effect on the hair allows to ward off lice and eliminate grease in extremely greasy hair. To do this, you make an infusion that you will apply to all the hair with enveloping movements or gentle massages.

3. A natural repellent

If you have insects at home, laurel is perfect for repelling them. Flies and cockroaches , as well as mosquitoes, hate its aroma and therefore will immediately withdraw from its vicinity. This function to scare away many insects is great to avoid using repellents based on of dangerous chemicals and also works as a decorative possibility, because you can place laurel plants in strategic places within the spaces of your home.

4. A diuretic and digestive food

Laurel also stands out as a powerful diuretic , which is why it is frequently used in digestive problems, as it also reduces or relieves the symptoms of colic and many problems of the entire gastrointestinal system. Its effectiveness is fully proven in the reduction and cure of stomach ulcers.

5. Helps in respiratory diseases

A plant that allows the correct and effective prevention of flu and colds thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities, in addition to maintaining an antioxidant effect that activates the immune system. Its leaves contain functions that are carminative, expectorant and bactericidal, so its vapors are especially recommended for many episodes of respiratory ailments.

6. Against rheumatic pain

Using it topically, laurel is ideal for counteracting the effects of bothersome rheumatic pain . Grinding dried laurel leaves and macerating them in olive oil creates a highly effective remedy for massaging joints and muscles affected by this condition . medical, the relief and the feeling of well-being will be immediate on the affected area.

7. Fight wrinkles

The skin is one of the most benefited from the effects that bay leaves have on it. Expression lines will be attenuated if you use bay leaf infusion as a kind of mask and apply light massages with the tips of your fingers.

8. Reach maximum concentration

The aroma of bay leaves, whether burned or vaporized, allows the brain to reach a high state of concentration , additionally it is capable of achieving an effective reduction in headaches and achieving a better general mood . Nothing simpler than setting fire to several bay leaves and allowing the smoke to invade all the rooms of your house.

9. Minimize episodes of anxiety

Thanks to their calming effect , these bay leaves are ideal for offering a mechanism to reduce accumulated anxiety, this effect is extremely similar to that of black tea and is capable of achieving serenity and control to return to levels that allow a maximum control of our thoughts and actions.

The genius of the laurel and its countless uses

Whether you use it in the preparation of your meals or as a medicinal agent , laurel is generally used through its whole leaves, these can be incorporated in a whole way to your stews or form an integral part of many dressings being ground or crushed and its go are perfectly usable for the preparation of a rich liqueur of Italian origin. In addition to offering a great ability to cure and treat respiratory conditions and to prevent skin infections, so once this information is known, it is time that this aromatic plant never miss in your home, I assure you that you will be able to include it in many of the uses that you have just learned about.

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