Know the rules and regulations of football game

rules and regulations of football game

Understand the purpose of the game.

With the game, the goal is to score more goals than the competitors to reach the door. Football should pass the entire goal line. The goalkeeper, if in his penalty area, is the only player who can use his hand. hands in football where other players can use body parts in football without using hands and arms. The official game lasts 90 minutes, divided into half 45 minutes each.

Learn how to play football.

Competing teams will have 11 players on each side at the start of the match. Although the play area can be adjusted according to the teacher’s game plan. but usually includes 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 4 central drummers, and 2 forwards.

Defenders. Defenders usually sit behind the centerline. To help prevent goals scored by the opponent. Most of the players in this position are those who pass the ball well to their teammates. and has a larger body than the players in other areas

Midfielder. The middle player is the fastest player on the field. Since they have to do offensive and defensive, middle-class players are the ones who usually make the game.

They can catch the ball. and passing the ball.

Middle front/front goal Players in this position have many chances to score. They need to be fast, quick, and able to score amazing goals. They also need to be able to make big heads too.

Goalkeeper: The player is in this position. He is the defender of the 18-yard box and is the only player on the field who can use his hand in his penalty area. The gate manufacturers must be flexible. He’s quick to make a direct guess at football. and has experience in communicating with colleagues

Note that kick-off is the start of the first half.

The second part. Each team will kick the ball at the start of the game. while the other team hits the ball in the second half while hitting the ball to start the game The players of each team are required to be at half the court. But as soon as the whistle is blown and a soccer ball is started for the game to start Players on both sides can move freely in their community. including a competitor but must not violate the offside rules. One team will start playing football. The opponent starts in the second half. Every time a goal is scored they come back to hit the ball again with the team that is the goal scorer.

Understand throwing a ball.

Throw-in occurs When the ball is thrown to the side of the field Having the ball is held by a team that is not the last person to touch the ball before the ball has left the field. The team with the ball in control will throw the ball into the field when it is thrown from the sidelines.

Throw-in players can run to increase their passing power when they throw the ball into the field. but it should stand close to where it leaves the ball to the side.

Players must throw the ball from the back of the head with both hands. and release the football ball over with both hands. Players cannot lift one foot off the ground. throwing the ball into a stadium where both feet are on the ground.

Identify the difference between the angles.

It sets the kick from the goal frame. If the ball goes out of line behind the goal (but not in the goal) and is caught last by the defending team the ball is returned to the corner of the flag near the point where the ball comes out from the edge. and becomes a corner hit by the attacking team. If the ball goes out of line behind the goal (but not in the goal) and is caught the last time by the opposing team the ball is placed on the 6-yard line in front of the goal and becomes a set-piece goal. taken by the defensive team. Usually, the goalkeeper throws the ball out of the goal frame.

Understand offside.

Being offside is an important rule in football. And it is designed to prevent the player from the other side from standing in front of the opponent’s goal at all times.

A UFABET player is offside if he does the following: In front of the ball on the player’s side. and behind the last defender when a football ball is passed to him.

Offside has no effect on the Throw-in, the corner kick, or the set-piece goal kick.

when caught offside

Know the difference between shooting a single set piece.

And two-stroke set-piece and set-piece kick that single stroke You can be a ball directly to score goals. Football does not need to be preoccupied with other players. and two-stroke set-piece It is important for some team players to catch the ball before it is counted as a goal. When the football ball goes into the hole. A one-shot set-piece is usually provided with a dirty tackle or hand used. A two-stroke set piece is provided by the owner when the game is interrupted in a particular case. Between two sets of a set-piece. The player always raises his hand until the ball catches the second player.

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