Is peanut butter good for you?

Is peanut butter good for you
Is peanut butter good for you

Is peanut butter good for you? Peanut butter is widely eaten in the World. It is therefore wonderful to eat this nutritious and healthy food. According to some interesting US studies, peanut butter contains more than 30 vitamins and minerals that provide the ultimate nutritional value for overall bone and muscle development, including vitamins A and E, folic acid, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, copper, selenium, and so on. By knowing this, it is immediately clear that peanut butter is healthy.

Source of protein and fiber

Protein and fiber are part of our daily diet. Peanut butter can be a good addition to this, as it is loaded with protein and fiber. Protein provides the body with the necessary energy, while fiber reduces appetite and optimizes the overall digestive system.

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Eating peanut butter is also recommended in a diet. The latter may sound strange because it contains quite a lot of calories. The reason for this is that peanut butter calms the feeling of hunger so that you ultimately consume fewer calories.

Is peanut butter good for you? Discover even more health benefits

Peanut butter contains riboflavin, among other things. This is a particular type of vitamin that helps produce red blood cells. Eating peanut butter stimulates metabolism and muscles. That is why it is good to eat peanut butter during a healthy diet.
Eating two tablespoons of peanut butter provides beneficial nutritional values, including 200 mg of potassium and a significant amount of magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that plays a key role in the functions of the nerves and muscles. Magnesium also keeps bones strong. The healthy, nutty spread that peanut butter contains is also loaded with vitamin E. Peanut butter also helps to fight the damage caused by free radicals. Just two tablespoons of peanut butter also contain vitamin E and folate.

Peanut butter contains saturated fats, so unhealthy?

The presence of saturated fats in a product does not, therefore, have to place food in an unhealthy category. Tofu, olive oil, and even wheat germ contain some amount of saturated fats. This does not make these products bad. The same applies to saturated fats in peanut butter. Only one ingredient does not determine whether a food product is unhealthy, but the full package of nutrients. The saturated fats in peanut butter do not outweigh the benefits and positive nutrients contained in this product.

Proteins and healthy fats

It is packed with healthy fats and proteins. The peanuts also contain a great source of nutritional value. Studies in the past have shown that eating peanut butter regularly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as type 2 diabetes. Peanut butter contains fatty acids, in total about 40-45%. These fats can then be divided into three different categories:

  • Monounsaturated fatty acids, about 56%
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids, about 23%
  • Saturated fatty acids, about 21%

The single and multiple fatty acids in particular are very healthy. The saturated fatty acids are slightly less healthy, but if you do not consume large amounts of these, there is nothing wrong.

So, is peanut butter healthy? On the base of the above article, you can obviously say “yes!” be answered.

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