Is Kombucha Healthy? 7 benefits

Is Kombucha Healthy

Kombucha is back with a vengeance. Lately you can buy this fermented drink almost everywhere: not only in the supermarkets, but also on a summer terrace. The real die-hards just make it themselves. It’s a delicious, fresh, slightly acidic drink, which makes it look like a healthy version of soda. Kombucha is not only praised for its taste, but mainly for its health benefits. The drink may have originated in the Far East where it was known for its beneficial effects. It even got the name “immortality tea”. What exactly is kombucha? And is kombucha healthy?

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a type of fermented drink based on green or black tea. For this fermentation you need two things: sugar and a starter culture.
The starter culture to initiate the fermentation of kombucha is called SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). This scoby resembles a rubbery pancake. That’s why some people call it mushroom tea.

The fermentation of the tea and sugar takes about two weeks. After this period, the sugar itself is no longer present, but is completely converted into a probiotic drink. This drink has a fresh, slightly sour taste. You can also add all kinds of extra flavors such as lemon, turmeric or ginger.

Is Kombucha Healthy? 

You may be wondering what drinking kombucha is good for? Much scientific research has been done on its health benefits, but not all claims have been fully proven in humans. Nevertheless, we can assume the following benefits of this immortality tea: 

1. Supports a healthy gut flora

One of the most important benefits is the effect on our intestinal flora. Numerous probiotic bacteria are formed during the fermentation process. By regularly consuming probiotic drinks or food you support your intestinal flora. 

A healthy intestinal flora is perhaps the most important factor for a healthy body. That is not so surprising when you realize that we have more bacterial cells in our body than our own body cells. 

2. Stimulates Digestion

The organic acids help to initiate digestion. The acid can also make it easier to break down fats. You can compare it a bit with drinking a glass of water with apple cider vinegar. Together with the probiotic effect, the drink thus provides a double benefit for your intestines. 

3. Detoxifying effect

Of course, it is especially important to eat as healthy as possible, so that your body does not have to process many toxins. But due to the polluted air and the use of pesticides, we all come into contact with toxins. The detoxification effect is said to be related to the presence of gluconic acid. This type of acids can support the liver by binding to and excreting toxic substances. For this reason, kombucha is also popular in detox cures.

4. Improves Mental Health

Kombucha contains many of the vitamins B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, which can be important for preventing depression. The presence of vitamin C reduces the stress hormone cortisol. But also thanks to the effect on the intestines, mental health can be improved. The intestines are not called our “second brain” for nothing. 

5. Antibacterial

Kombucha itself does indeed contain a lot of bacteria. But it is precisely these healthy bacteria that ensure that the bad bacteria are eliminated. This is in contrast to many antibiotics, which usually also destroy the good bacteria. Several scientific studies have shown the antibacterial effect against E. Coli, salmonella, campylobacter jejuni and staphylococci. 

6. Antioxidants

When nutrients are burned into energy, waste products are released: the free radicals. We cannot avoid this completely, but by using many antioxidants in our diet we can minimize the harmful effects. 

The fact that kombucha is healthy also has to do with the tea that is used. Especially the green tea you make with kombucha contains a lot of these antioxidants. Ideal for keeping the energy factories in your body clean. 

7. Supports the Immune System

Kombucha contains all kinds of vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamins B and vitamin K. In addition, the absorption of these and other vitamins will increase in the long term due to an improved intestinal function. The intestinal flora is also an important part of the immune system. 

Is Kombucha Good For Weight Loss? 

Kombucha is not a miracle weight loss drink. That does not exist. But because kombucha is healthy, it can contribute positively to weight loss in many ways. 

  • The sugars used in the process disappear completely. Ultimately, the drink contains no more sugars and real kombucha is therefore low in calories. 
  • It is healthy and brings your body into balance. To lose weight it is important that your body is healthy and has the necessary nutrients for the combustion of energy.
  • And of course the effect on mental health is also very important. When you feel mentally strong, it is easier to work on your goals.  

Summary: Is Kombucha Healthy? 

Kombucha seems to live up to its reputation as an elixir of immortality. The probiotic properties help to develop a healthy digestion and intestinal flora. Healthy digestion and intestinal flora are one of the most important aspects of our health.

Healthy guts support the immune system, nutrient absorption and even improve mental health. This makes kombucha healthy and highly recommended for anyone who likes it, even if you want to lose weight. 


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