Is Fish healthy?

Is Fish healthy
Is Fish healthy

Is Fish healthy? Yes, of course, Fish is full of fatty acids, which reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Meat, on the other hand, has no fatty acids, so eating more fish can be beneficial to health. In addition, fish, like meat, has a lot of proteins. Fish is therefore an excellent meat substitute. And in addition, fish has many different vitamins, which makes fish quite healthy. Fish, for example, contains vitamin A (important for your eyes), vitamin D.(important for the functioning of your brain), and vitamin B12 (important for your nervous system).

Fish is becoming more and more popular. In the world, most people eat 3.4 kg of fish per person every year. This seems like a fair amount, but we are still lagging behind other countries. Still, fish is not nearly as popular as meat, but it is gaining ground every year. This appears to be a healthy development.

Is Fish healthy? To what extent eat fish?

Fish is healthy, but you shouldn’t eat it every day or in large quantities. When you eat more, it disrupts your healthy diet, because fish contains a lot of dioxins and PCBs. These are chemicals that can be harmful (especially in the long term). It is recommended to have a meal with fish twice a week.

When you eat fish twice a week you get enough fish oil fatty acids. It is important to eat fatty fish at least once. By fatty fish we mean, for example, salmon, tuna or mackerel. By non-fatty fish we mean, for example, cod or a plaice. It is recommended to eat a maximum of 200 grams at a time.

Preparation of fish

  • Fish can be prepared in many ways:
  • Fry in the pan or on the barbecue
  • Deep-fried
  • Cooking in the oven
  • Boil/steam

Fish is usually cooked a lot faster than meat. When you bake or boil it, it is usually ready within 3 minutes and in the oven a maximum of 20 minutes. What is often not thought of is steaming. With this cooking method, no extra fat is used and the fish is cooked very evenly and it is also very easy. So steaming is an extra healthy way to prepare fish.

Most popular fish

The most popular types of fish that are eaten most in the World are smoked salmon (smoked, frozen, and fresh), salt herring, tuna (canned), kibbeling (fried), fish stick, mussel, cod, and shrimp (frozen).


Be careful with sauces and the preparation of the fish. Sauces are usually very fatty and very salty. It would be a shame if you make an effort to eat healthily and then do away with it with a simple sauce. During the preparation, you should be especially careful not to use too much butter. Are you unsure? If you take olive oil, you will get less unhealthy fats, and eating fish is healthier.

Fish is quite healthy if you eat it a maximum of twice a week and if you ensure that the preparation and any additional sauces are low in fat and salt. If you observe these rules, fish is a good addition to your diet.


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