Is cinnamon healthy: Health benefits of cinnamon

Is cinnamon healthy
Is cinnamon healthy

Cinnamon is used in some dishes. Cinnamon is often found in desserts such as apple pie or rice pudding. Many people do not realize the great benefits of this spice. When asked: “is cinnamon healthy?” must be answered more than “yes”!

Health benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the world’s oldest and best-known spices. The tree was discovered thousands of years ago. The herb is known not only as an ingredient but also for the unique properties it contains in terms of health and healing. Active ingredients have been found in the bark that contains essential oils. Cinnamon has extremely high antioxidants that have many great benefits for our health. It also contains the minerals: magnesium, calcium, iron and manganese. Since ancient times, through different cultures, cinnamon has been used to solve health problems.

If you are pregnant, it is not immediately advisable to use cinnamon. Cinnamon contains coumarin, which provides a specific taste and smell. It is suspected that this aroma substance can cause possible damage to the unborn child.

Cinnamon lowers cholesterol

The question “Is cinnamon healthy? and the answer is yes. Because studies in the past have shown that eating just half a teaspoon of cinnamon daily significantly decreases bad cholesterol levels.

Cinnamon reduces blood sugar

Another answer to our question is that cinnamon reduces blood sugar. Cinnamon is also suitable for treating type 2 diabetes. Several studies have shown that taking half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day improves insulin resistance. Eating cinnamon can help with weight control as well as reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Cinnamon strengthens the cardiovascular system, shielding the body from heart-related conditions. The herb contains the necessary calcium and fiber that protect against cardiovascular disease. A little cinnamon in the diet can also help against high blood pressure.

Cinnamon fights cancer

A study released by researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture in Maryland shows that cinnamon reduces cancer cells. There are several types of cancer that can be fought by eating cinnamon, such as leukemia or colon cancer.

Cinnamon has many other benefits

Many answers have already been given to the question “is cinnamon healthy?” and more exist. According to Chinese doctors, cinnamon can be used to treat a toothache, against bad breath, against respiratory problems such as a chronic cough, a cold, sinusitis, and so on. Cinnamon is also used to cure the flu or a sore throat. The list of benefits that cinnamon has is very long, much longer than what can be read in this article.


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