Is Chicken Meat Washed before Cooking?

Is Chicken Meat Washed before Cooking

Is Chicken Meat Washed? Experts Answered!

The question of whether the chicken is washed before cooking is among the issues that bother those who consume chicken and those who prepare chicken meals. Experts have made serious statements on this subject based on scientific studies.

If you think that every food or meat entering the house should be washed; We will give you very important information through this article. In these lines, you can find the remarkable answers to the question of whether chicken meat is washed before cooking, answered by food engineers and experts.

Is Chicken Meat Washed Before Cooking?

If you have a very meticulous nature and you wash every package that enters the house when grocery shopping turns; We can guess that you have the ability to pass the food through the water. Some foods should not go into the refrigerator without washing. Bacteria on it can spread to other foods and cause rot.

If the meat in question is; experts warn you in this case. Because washing meat and meat products carry some risks for you.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether chicken meat is washed. We explain the answers of food engineers to this question in our list:

  • The arrival of white meat, especially chicken, to your home goes through very hygienic steps.
  • In chicken meat slaughtering factories, after the chickens are cut and shredded according to the rules, they are sterilized before packaging.
  • The open chickens you buy from the butcher also go through a clean process and take their place in the butcher’s aisles.
  • Experts express that the contact of raw chicken meat with water before cooking is prevented.
  • He recommends taking the chicken meat into a pot or pan without washing it for those who think about whether the chicken can be washed without cooking.
  • It is considered more suitable for your health to the sauce and cooks various meats such as chicken breast, chicken thigh or wings, chicken wrap, without using water.
  • There are some bacteria that settle on chicken meat when it is raw. These bacteria may spread during the washing phase.
  • Bacteria can spread to the materials used when it is washed and then passed to the chopping stage.
  • Experts add that the bacteria in raw chicken meat is destroyed when cooked very well.
  • Chicken meat cooked at a certain temperature is purified from bacteria and becomes one of the white meats recommended for a healthy body.
  • If you have not heard before that chicken meat should not be washed; After benefiting from our article, let’s tell you how to prepare chicken meat for cooking.
  • After you bring the packaged raw chicken meat that you buy from the butcher or the market, chop it as you wish and put it in the pot without washing it.
  • Do not forget that the chicken meat to be prepared in the oven should not be washed again.
  • Be sure to use products such as knives, plates, and chopping boards that raw chicken meat comes into contact with after disinfecting it very well.

What Happens If Chicken Meat Is Washed?

  • Bacteria on raw chicken can spread rapidly because it comes into contact with water.
  • Bacteria that settle on other foods and materials can cause food poisoning.
  • If you are washing chicken out of habit; You should make sure that the items you use are cleaned.
  • Washing chicken meat does not harm your health 100%, but there is no definite statement about the effects of bacteria on your body.
  • After chopping the chicken meat, you should definitely clean the hand, chopping board and knife well.
  • Because while the food preparation continues, you will touch other ingredients.
  • It is recommended to wash your hands with soap to prevent the formation of bacteria on your hands.

How Should Chicken Meat Be Chopped Without Washing?

  • From time to time, blood coming from the inside can be seen in purchased chicken meat. To clean this blood, you should choose a cutting board that you will only use for chicken meat.
  • When you wash the cutting board reserved for chicken meat separately from other materials, you will also prevent food poisoning.

How Can We Eliminate Bacteria on Chicken?

  • If there are disturbing parts on the chicken meat that you will prepare for cooking; In this case, it is recommended to wash.
  • You can wash the chicken with cold water to remove blood, dust, unwanted details.
  • The temperature of the water will be very important because the hot water will instantly change the texture of the chicken and affect its taste.
  • You can apply a good cooking technique to destroy the bacteria on the chicken.
  • You can seal the meat first if you wish. After the sealing process, you can take it to the oven or a pot and apply your recipe.

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