Indoor tree: our most beautiful decorative inspirations

Indoor tree

We reveal all our tips for setting up a tree in your home. A real natural decorative object, it fits perfectly with any type of decoration.

It is sometimes difficult to integrate vegetation into its decoration. Narrow room, hard-to-maintain plants… There are many reasons that lead some to give up on it. However, plants can bring a little color and relief to a room and some are also very easy to maintain indoors whether you have a green thumb or not. Plants are used for pretty hanging decorations or installed to give cheerfulness to your interior. Finally, for plant lovers, and not only, it is possible to install an indoor tree in your decor! We give you all our advice for integrating them into your rooms.

How to use a tree in my interior decoration?

Do you want to place a tree in your decor but you don’t know how and where to do it? Don’t panic, it’s very easy. At first, we advise you to choose a rather spacious room which will have the place to contain a fairly large and wide plant such as the living room or the dining room for example. Generally, plants adapt to all decorative trends: chic, modern, cocooning and many others, but the must is to integrate plants and trees into an exotic and tropical decoration .

Trees do well in a lighted and sometimes airy location, so don’t hesitate to push an armchair to make room near a window. Next to the sofa or near the dining room table, the tree gives a completely different atmosphere to the space and that’s what we appreciate.

The secret to integrating a tree into your decor is to use the right cache-pot . In a room decorated in a modern or minimalist style, a wooden or white stoneware planter gives all its charm to the living space, while in a slightly more colorful room, we will turn more to ceramic planters. .

What tree should I put in my interior decoration?

To build a tree in your home, you have to choose the one that best suits you: artificial, natural, leafy, large… How can you be sure you’ve found the right one?

If you don’t prefer to go into caring for a tree, artificial trees are the solution: you can choose one of the size that suits you and of the variety that best suits the decoration of your interior. On the contrary, for those who have a green thumb or who prefer natural plants, several options are available to you: pachira, yucca, areca or fruit trees such as calamondin or lemon trees will be ideal.

Depending on your selection, you will have the choice between tortuous trees, a little more leafy than others or with thicker trunks which give an extra cachet to the decoration.

Tree trunk: a trendy object for decoration

Trees can be integrated both into decorative plants and into decorative objects if only the trunk is used. This element is ideal for a bohemian , modern or even minimalist inspiration, especially as a coffee table, bedside table or simple decorative object. It is the right alternative to make your room a warm and chic place. We recommend that you choose a trunk with pretty rings to highlight your room.

You can use it as it is or cover it with a beautiful glass pane to best integrate it into your room. Finally, for the more fanciful, do not hesitate to choose a trunk with an original shape for a unique interior decoration.

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