How to store stew

How to store stew

Stew of meat is stored for years and even decades, but if artificial ingredients are added, then less, as a rule, no more than a year.

How to store stew

A minimum of stew can be stored for 4 years. Correctly cooked stew can withstand absolutely any temperature from frost to heat and can be stored for decades.

Stew was invented as a fast food primarily for the army, so the technology itself assumes maximum unpretentiousness to storage conditions. This technology has been preserved as much as possible not in “GOST”, but in cans with the inscription “Highest grade”.

Before the Great Patriotic War, many stocks of stew for soldiers were created in the USSR. Some cans have survived to this day – and the meat is perfectly preserved.


If artificial preservatives, dyes and other chemicals are added to the stew, such stew is harmful and absolutely impossible to eat after the expiration date.

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