How to store sauerkraut

How to store sauerkraut

Store closed tomato paste in a dry, dark place at room temperature, tomato paste is an unpretentious product. But the open paste is best filled with oil for storage for 3 days, or frozen – up to a month.

To prevent sauerkraut from spoiling, you need to follow simple rules.
Observe three conditions for proper storage:
– Maintain the optimum temperature (0 – +4 ° C);
– keep an eye on the constant coverage of the product with brine;
– keep sauerkraut in a hermetically sealed container.

Remember that the quality of the snack and the shelf life are influenced by the containers where it is stored. It can be stored in wooden tubs, chip-free enamel dishes, glass jars, new food grade plastic containers.

If you cook sauerkraut yourself, then use natural preservatives: salt, vegetable oil, mustard powder, cranberries, horseradish shavings.

Store cabbage in the basement, in the refrigerator, on the balcony in winter – even if the cabbage freezes, nothing bad will happen to it, only it will be sweeter.

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