How to store potatoes


Store raw potatoes for 3 months, boiled potatoes – up to 10 days, frozen up to one and a half years. In this blog, we will discuss how to store potatoes for a long time.

How to store potatoes

Raw Potatoes – 3 months
For storage at room temperature, it is important to transfer the potatoes from a bag to an open-top box or vegetable wooden or plastic boxes so that air can circulate both above and below the potatoes, preventing moisture from stagnating.

If there are a lot of potatoes, check them at least once a week for leaked fruits – and get rid of them. If the tubers began to sprout with young greens, this is a sign that such potatoes will last a maximum of a week, and it is important to remove the sprouts before cooking.

Fresh potatoes can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 months, but for this, they will need to be wrapped in newspaper, otherwise, in the dry climate of the refrigerating chamber, the tuber will begin to lose moisture and soften. Of course, you cannot put unwashed potatoes in the refrigerator with other products, so after washing it will need to be wiped dry with napkins.

Boiled potatoes – up to 7 days
Jacket boiled potatoes do not differ much in terms of storage from baked or boiled potatoes without peels – at most, jacket potatoes will last a couple of days longer than simple boiled potatoes.

Boiled potatoes at room temperature will not deteriorate even in a day, which is why they take them with them on hikes and on a long journey. Just make sure the potatoes are securely wrapped and not wrinkled.

In the refrigerator, it will last 7-10 days if you place it in a tightly sealed container and lay a few paper napkins on the bottom. It is important to change your napkins every day or at least once every 2 days.

How to store peeled raw potatoes

Peeled raw – up to 4 days
Do not keep peeled potatoes at room temperature for more than 1 day. In the refrigerator, peeled and flooded with water, potatoes will stand no more than 4 days, then starch will begin to be released from it intensively, the water will become cloudy, and the potatoes themselves will be covered with mucus. In any case, peeled potatoes must be poured with cold water, otherwise, the iron contained in it will oxidize and the potatoes will darken.

How to increase the shelf life of potatoes

Freeze – Shelf life 18 months.
Do not freeze raw potatoes. after defrosting, it will acquire an unpleasant sweetish aftertaste. The frozen potatoes you see in supermarkets are actually pre-boiled in water or steamed. You can also cut potatoes into wedges or cubes, boil for a few minutes, then dry and freeze. The cubes need to be cooked for 2-3 minutes, and the slices for 5-7. Once thawed, it can be deep-fried or baked in the oven.



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