How to store lime

How to store lime
How to store lime

Lime is not recommended to be purchased in large quantities for long-term storage. Under indoor conditions, the skin of these fruits loses moisture and becomes wrinkled. This does not happen quickly, but fresh lime will always taste better than the one that has been in the refrigerator for a long time.

How to store lime:

  • store lime in a dark place if the fruit is ripe (unripe lime is best placed in the light, but not in direct sunlight);
  • the ideal place to store lime is in the refrigerator ( fruit compartment );
  • so that the lime does not lose its juiciness, the fruit can be wrapped in paper or put in a paper bag;
  • it is better to freeze lime in plastic bags, after separating the pulp from the zest (zest is widely used in cooking, so it can be grated or chopped with a knife, and then frozen);
  • the fact that lime is stored incorrectly can signal depressions on the surface of the skin and the appearance of black dots or spots;
  • if the lime has begun to deteriorate, then it must not be frozen (otherwise, the final preparation will not return its original taste properties and will be unsuitable for human consumption);
  • only lime can be stored without damage to the skin, without signs of rotting or the consequences of improper transportation (mechanical damage, broken cavities, etc.);
  • cut lime should be stored only in the refrigerator (at room temperature, the pulp will dry out quickly and lose its rich taste);
  • chopped lime can be stored in the refrigerator in any container with a lid (when open, the fruit may dry out ahead of time);
  • lime juice can be frozen in the form of ice using special molds or bags (so that more juice is formed in the lime, the fruit can be rolled on the table by pressing on its surface);
  • for freezing and storing lime in the refrigerator, it is recommended to use dense polyethylene bags fastened with a special zipper;
  • if the skin of the lime has become denser and dry, then this is a sign of improper or too long storage.

Hybrid limes are stored according to similar guidelines. The only nuance that must be taken into account is that any hybrids have an initial short shelf life. That is why, if an ordinary lime is able to retain its juiciness for a maximum of 2 months, then the hybrid species may deteriorate before this indicator.

How much and at what temperature to store lime

At room temperature, limes can retain their freshness and juiciness for up to one week. After this time, the skin of the fruit will begin to dry out, and there will be much less juice in it. Limes last much longer in cold conditions.

In the refrigerator, if stored in the fruit compartment, the lime will last for several weeks without losing its flavor. On average, the shelf life in this case will be from 3 to 4 weeks maximum. The temperature should be approximately + 4-5 degrees.

Lime can be stored for two months, but this requires special conditions. The air humidity should be within 85-90%, and the temperature regime should be from +8 to +10 degrees. Under these conditions, lime fruits can last up to three months.

Limes can be stored frozen for longer than 6 months . For more than six months, it is better not to keep the fruits in the freezer, because a change in the structure of the pulp and some of the taste properties may occur. In the freezer, not only the pulp is equally well preserved, but also the lime zest.

Limes can be kept in the refrigerator when cut up for 5-6 days. If possible, it is better to connect the pieces of the fruit together in order to exclude the rapid evaporation of moisture. For example, if a lime is cut into two parts, then they must be connected to each other and wrapped with cling film.

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