How to store green onions

How to store green onions
How to store green onions

Green onions can be stored for up to 3 weeks, and simple blanks can be stored for up to six months. In this blog, we will discuss how to store green onions for a long time.

How to store green onions

In the refrigerator – up to 2 weeks
To maximize the freshness of the product, store the onion in the refrigerator in a glass of water – you can cover it with cling film so that the liquid does not spoil the refrigerator, but do not cover it tightly – the air must circulate to avoid rotting.

At room temperature – 1 week
Green onions are stored for 3-4 days from the moment they are harvested, they dry quickly and begin to turn yellow. To slow down the deterioration of the product, you can put onions in a glass of water – this way it will be stored for 3-4 days longer. Onions that have stood at room temperature for more than a day are practically useless and tasteless.

How to keep onions longer

If you manage to snatch a large supply of green onions, you can make blanks from it.

Salting green onions – six months
Before salting, the onions are washed, dried, and cut, put in layers in jars: a layer of the onion, then a layer of salt. Store pickled onions for up to six months.

Freezing green onions – six months
Place the washed and chopped onions in plastic bags. It is in frozen onions that freshness, smell, and up to 80% of nutrients can be preserved for a long time. Shelf life is six months.

Pouring onion with oil – 3 months
Pour chopped onion with boiling oil with the addition of vinegar and salt – store up to 3 months in sterilized jars.


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