How to remove soy sauce stains from clothes

Due to the rich color, even a few drops of soy sauce, getting on clothes or a tablecloth, leave a noticeable mark. But do not be upset, in most cases, the stained item can be saved.

First steps

Despite the fact that soy sauce is usually washed off well, it is better not to delay cleaning. Getting rid of a fresh stain will require much less effort and time.

  • The most preferable option is to immediately rinse the stain with cool water, washing out particles from the fabric fibers. Old stains are also soaked before washing, but the water should be warm.
  • If it is not possible to wash the stain immediately, it should be blotted. A paper or cloth napkin, bread crumb – it is worth using what is at hand.
  • The stained area can be sprinkled with salt or starch. This method is especially convenient if the Asian seasoning has gotten on the carpet or upholstered furniture.
  • Do not immediately use detergents. If you soap the stain without first rinsing, the effect will be the opposite of what you expected. The spicy liquid will only penetrate deeper into the fabric fibers, and even after the most thorough treatment, it will be difficult to wash out the soy sauce, and the stain will most likely remain yellow.
  • Before choosing a detergent, it is advisable to test its effect on the least noticeable area of ​​the fabric. This way you can avoid unpleasant surprises, such as color loss or yellowing on white items.

The basic cleaning rules and products used are the same, regardless of where the sauce ended up – on clothes, furniture or carpet.

How to remove fresh stains

After pre-washing, you can add cleaning products to the mix. Laundry soap or Antipyatin stain remover soap will help remove fresh stains . White bars have a bleaching effect and are therefore used for light-colored items. Dark bars are suitable for colored fabrics.

The stain should be thoroughly wetted with warm water, then generously soaped and rubbed thoroughly. Leave for half an hour. Wet again, rub and rinse, changing the water several times.

Removing old stains

Stains that appeared some time ago require more effort. But they can also be washed out using proven products.

Universal methods

Laundry soap is a proven assistant in the fight against stains. Wet the sauce mark and rub it thickly with soap. Then place the stained item in a basin of warm water for 1.5-2 hours. Another option is to soak the item in a soap solution, but it is still better to additionally soap the stain.

Liquid glycerin lightens stains without bleaching the fabric. To remove seasoning stains, apply the liquid to them and leave for 15-20 minutes. After that, rinse the items in cool water until the substance is completely washed out and wash in the usual way.

Glycerin paired with ammonia shows good results in removing stains of various origins. The main thing is to correctly observe the proportions: 1 teaspoon of ammonia is enough for 4 tablespoons of glycerin. Cover the dirty area with the mixture. After 15 minutes, the mass must be washed off, and the item must be rinsed thoroughly.

Pure ammonia will also make the stain fade. Just wet a cotton pad and wipe the dirty area. But a much better result for stubborn stains is obtained if you prepare a cleaning solution of 1 teaspoon of ammonia, 200 ml of alcohol and 1 teaspoon of gasoline from a hardware store. Apply the liquid to the desired area, wait for it to dry, then wash it off.

9% vinegar is good for removing stains, but you should be careful with this product and not apply it in its pure form directly to the fabric. The acid will begin to interact with the dye and the color will quickly fade. To remove the stain and not leave a discolored area in its place, just add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar to the soaking solution. The solution is prepared in the usual way, diluting the washing powder in warm water. The item is washed after an hour.

Dishwashing gel is suitable for cleaning any type of fabric. The soiled item is either soaked in a soap solution or the soiled area is moistened, the gel is applied and washed. In both cases, the product is left for 1.5-2 hours, then washed in cool water. To avoid stains, only transparent colorless gels should be used.

An unusual but very effective way to remove a stain is raw potatoes. Carefully wash the tuber and cut it in half. Apply the halves with the cut sides to the sauce-soaked area on the front and back of the fabric and rub in a circular motion. After this, leave the potato on the fabric for 15 minutes.

For white things

Hydrogen peroxide will help remove an unsightly brown stain from white clothing. Mix it with soda until you get a puree-like mass, which is then applied to the dirty area. After the mixture dries, rinse the item in water at room temperature.

Industrial bleach will remove soy sauce from light-colored fabric. Price is not a big deal, both inexpensive “Belizna” and more expensive domestic or imported analogues will do. The product should be used in accordance with the instructions on the package.

You can remove soy sauce stains from white clothes with lemon juice. Squeeze half a citrus fruit from the inside onto the stained area, wait 10 minutes, and then wash the item. If you don’t have a lemon at hand, you can dilute citric acid in cool water.

Aspirin is another time-tested remedy for restoring cleanliness, for example, from yellow sweat stains . An aspirin tablet dissolved in a glass of cold water will help remove a fresh stain from white clothing. If the dirt has long been ingrained in the fabric, you need to wet the tablet and rub the mixture into the stain. Wait a little and wash the item as usual.

Although soy sauce stains sometimes seem impregnable, they can be dealt with. Proper pre-treatment, use of suitable products – and the result will please even the most demanding housewife.

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