How to preserve onions

How to preserve onions
How to preserve onions

How to preserve onions for a long time? In this blog, we will answer this question in detail. Preserving a crop is sometimes more difficult than growing it. Onions are always sent from vegetables for storage. It is an ingredient in many dishes, so many grow it in the country. With proper preparation and following some recommendations, onions can be kept in excellent condition until spring. But before wondering how to store onions, it is worth knowing how to prepare them for storage. The preservation of the crop begins with its harvest, so here you need to take into account some recommendations.

How to prepare and dry onions for long-term storage

In order to preserve onions, you must first of all harvest on time. If the bulbs are unripe, they will quickly rot, if overripe, they may begin to germinate. As a rule, it ripens in August, 3-4 months after planting, depending on the variety. Harvesting is recommended on a sunny day, so that the fruits have time to dry out in the sun.

It is also necessary to harvest correctly, you cannot just pull the fruits out of the ground, this is how the bulbs are damaged. It is necessary to carefully undermine them, and then take them out and lay them out to dry. If the weather is sunny, then it is worth putting the bulbs in a row and leaving them for a week or two, because the sun will dry them best and also disinfect them. If the weather is cloudy, then it is necessary to place the crop in a well-ventilated area. Can be placed on a balcony or in a gazebo, it is best to place the bulbs in a net. But before that, it is recommended to peel the bulbs from the husks, because new husks will appear during drying, and the fruits will be better stored.

In order to check whether the bulbs are dry or not, you need to stick your hand into the net with them. If the hand passes easily, then dry enough. After drying, it is recommended to cut off all roots and feathers.

What types of onions are best stored

There are several varieties of onions, they come in different colors and tastes. Spicy varieties have been found to be best stored, while sweet varieties are not at all suitable for long-term storage.

Sweet varieties are stored only at temperatures slightly above zero, their shelf life usually does not exceed 3-4 months. Spicy varieties, especially Stuttgarten rizen, Bessonovsky, shallots, Amadon and Mayak, can be stored simply suspended in an apartment and will not lose their original properties, so you can safely stock up on these varieties.

At what temperature to store onions

Many are interested in the temperature at which to store onions, but there is no definite answer here. If the bulbs are stored in an apartment, then you should find a room with an air temperature of no more than 18 degrees. The required temperature depends on the variety, and the hotter the variety, the lower the temperature should be. Such sharp and semi-sharp varieties as Timiryazevsky and Aleko should be stored at a temperature of -3 degrees. For sweet and semi-sweet varieties, zero temperature is suitable.

Rules and methods for storing onions

If it was decided to store the crop in the cellar, then it is necessary to prepare boxes or bags. Decide where to store the onions more conveniently.

There are several ways to save onions:

  • Place in wooden boxes. It is advisable to choose boxes with a height of no higher than 50 centimeters, otherwise, the lower layers may deteriorate. The box should not touch the floor and walls of the cellar.
  • You need to choose bags of dense and opaque material and pour several kilograms of vegetables into them.
  • Egg containers. Another convenient method is to use egg storage containers. Place one onion in each section under the egg.
  • Nylon stockings. For this method, you will need unnecessary tights or stockings in which you need to place the crop. Capron is very breathable, so you just need to hang stockings in the cellar.
  • Weaving braids. One of the most difficult, but also the most effective, methods is to make braids from bulbs. Then they are simply hung in the cellar.

In the cellar, the humidity should not be increased, any variety of vegetables should deteriorate from moisture. Chalk can be used to eliminate moisture, it should be scattered in the corners. The room must be well ventilated. When a lot of husks has fallen off the onion, you should not throw it away immediately, because it helps to fight high humidity.

How to preserve onions in an apartment

Housewives who do not have a cellar or basement are interested in how to store onions at home in an apartment. Some varieties really do not need low air temperatures and can be perfectly stored in an apartment. The best option is to weave bundles or braids. By hanging such a braid in the kitchen, you can decorate the interior and purify the air from germs.

Where to store onions in the apartment in winter? It can be done in a closet if there is enough air in it, or in a closet using wooden boxes. Cardboard boxes will also work if you punch holes in the sides. You can put the bulbs in nylon stockings or special polypropylene nets. You can use paper bags, but one point should be taken into account – the layer of onions in each bag should be no more than 30 centimeters.

Bulbs should not be stored in plastic bags because they are breathable. When stored using other methods, the crop must be sorted out a couple of times during the winter. This is necessary in order to check if there are diseased bulbs there that can infect others. If a rotten fruit is found, it must be thrown away. If the crop has begun to damp, then you need to dry it again, you can do this in the oven. Also, busting the bulbs allows you to open access to the air in the lower layers.

Some people store onions in the refrigerator, but this is not recommended due to the high humidity in the refrigerator. But if you are interested in the question of how to store peeled onions, then the refrigerator, or rather the freezer can be safely used.

Little tricks for long-term storage of onions

Even if you know where to store onions in winter, it does not hurt you to find out tips and tricks for storing this product:

  • You need to store only well-dried bulbs;
  • First of all, you need to eat small fruits, they are the worst stored;
  • The storage area should be dry, cool, and preferably dark;
  • Do not store this vegetable together with potatoes or carrots;
  • Do not store different varieties together;
  • Peeled onions cannot be stored open; you should use a container or foil;
  • You can sprinkle the fruit with chalk to protect it from moisture;
  • If the room is humid, then it is worth installing containers with lime or wood shavings.

Now you know how to properly store onions at home. If you choose varieties suitable for long-term storage and follow all the rules and recommendations, then the bulbs will be stored until spring.


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