How to plant blueberries in pots or in a garden at home

How to plant blueberries

If you like gardening, you should know that the blueberry is a fruit that you can grow very easily at home , either in a garden or in pots; It reaches a maximum height of 6 meters and if you take good care of it, you can have it for many years. The best thing about this little berry is that it provides unparalleled benefits to the body, as it is an antioxidant , that is, it prevents diseases; It contains calcium to strengthen the bone / muscle system, iron that prevents anemia, a high content of vitamin C that keeps infections or viruses away, and even helps  control blood pressure thanks to its flavonoids .

If you dare to plant blueberries at home, we will give you a key: The perfect time to do it is in spring, so that the temperature is neither so cold that it puts the small roots at risk, nor so hot that it promotes the appearance of fungi or retard growth. Continue reading so you know the best cultivation process.

How to plant blueberries in a pot step by step

The most important thing is to hydrate the seeds. You do this by placing them in a glass of water for 1 day . Get rid of those that float because it means they may not germinate.

  1. Place those little seeds on a cloth or napkin inside a container; It should be at a warm temperature and every day you should moisten them a little. It will start to germinate in 7 to 10 days.
  2. When that time passes, prepare the potting soil. At the bottom is a layer of clay and then the black earth with leaves. You don’t need to fill the entire container, just make sure the soil is loose .
  3. Open some small holes, not very deep, place the seeds and cover them with soil but without crushing it , so that the leaves can easily come to the surface. It needs to be fairly moist when planting and not to put too many seeds together. If what you have is a seedling, you should not put pressure on the soil either.
  4. Water the blueberry two to three times a week , but make sure the pot has good drainage. Expose the plant to the sun daily , if it is in semi-shade better. In the third year the first fruits will result.
  5. If you want to transplant into the ground, do it when the blueberry is a little overgrown. For the process to generate the least impact, place the roots in water for 10 minutes before planting and moisten the soil where you are going to place it. Keep in mind that you must leave a perimeter of at least 1m2 between each plant.
  6. There are people who plant two plants from different crops together to ensure their pollination, although most blueberries are self-pollinating. In that sense, if your garden is spacious, the recommendation is that you plant in groups instead of rows. Remember that the more acidic the soil, the better ; for this add compost, oak or pine leaves, pine bark.

What do you need to plant blueberries

  • A handful of seeds . Just remove them from the fresh pulp and wash them well with water.
  • When growing them you will need a seedbed or small container with holes in the base . Later, when the blueberry grows, you will use a pot of approximately 20 liters . After three or four years, when it is a mature plant, you will use a 60 to 75 liter pot .
  • If instead of seeds you have a seedling, you should get a medium pot .
  • 1 bag of black and leaf soil. You can add bark compost, pine and oak leaves to make it more acidic, which promotes growth.
  • 1 bag of clay .

Tips for Caring for Your Blueberry Bush

  • Although it sounds repetitive, take care that the pot has a correct drainage system , because although it requires water to grow, the blueberry will not develop correctly in soil that is always moist. Hence, it is not convenient to water daily.
  • When planting blueberries, place pine and oak leaves on top of the soil to prevent weeds and add the acidity it needs.
  • Once a year it is recommended to pay with earthworm humus .
  • If you have more than 4 years with a plant, trim the oldest branches to promote the growth of new ones that will bear better fruit.
  • Keep it away from places with a lot of wind because its structure is quite delicate, this could hinder flowering, pollination and even the berries would fall.
  • If you grow in the middle of winter, put hay at the bottom of the pot to insulate the cold. Although they are cold-bearing shrubs, such small roots could collapse.

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