How to Grow Watermelons?

How to Grow Watermelons

Watermelon cultivation can be both an enjoyable and profitable agricultural activity. It is important to remember that this delicious fruit has a long growing period. It requires patience and attention during the 100-120 days from planting to harvest. However, garden-grown watermelons offer more satisfying and delicious results. In this blog post, information will be given about the important steps in watermelon cultivation, irrigation methods, soil care and harvesting techniques. With this guide, you will find the necessary information and tips to grow healthy and productive watermelons in your own garden.

Materials Required for Growing Watermelon

One of the important details of the question of how to grow good watermelons is to first obtain the ingredients. If you are going to grow from seeds, you need a quality watermelon seed. For this reason, we have prepared a general list of materials for those wondering how to grow watermelon from seedlings or seeds. If the necessary equipment is ready, you can start growing watermelons little by little!

  • Large and deep pot
  • Mineral rich soil
  • Quality watermelon seeds
  • Watermelon seedling (For those who do not want to grow from seed)
  • distilled water

How to Grow Good Watermelon in the Garden or Field?

A natural environment must be prepared for the watermelon to grow most efficiently. This environment is a garden or field. When you want to grow watermelons in pots at home, the yield you will get is very low. Producing watermelon in the field or garden will result in higher yields. For those who provide the materials; Now let’s answer the question of how to grow watermelon in the field step by step!

Step 1: Soil Preparation

Before planting the watermelon, it is necessary to prepare the environment in which it will grow. For this reason, you must first blend the soil according to suitable conditions. You can start preparing the soil in autumn. Plow the field or garden well before the rains arrive. Mix the minerals under the soil and the minerals above it well. If you use plenty of fertilizer in the plowing process, you will be happy during the harvest period. Once the first plowing process is completed, you will need to perform this process again, like a furnace.

Step 2: Planting Watermelon

If planting from seeds is to be done on a large area, the selected watermelon seeds are buried in the soil with an average of 75 cm between them. It is recommended to put 3 seeds into each hole. The planting process is completed when a handful of soil is added to the seeds. Irrigation should be done on each hole to provide vital water.

Step 3: Post-Operation Care

It is recommended that you be sensitive about how to grow watermelon in the garden, which seems very easy. The seeds require plenty of watering until they germinate and turn green. A moist environment should be provided during the growth phase. The temperature of the soil where watermelon is planted should remain at an average of 12 degrees.

Towards the end of spring, it should be watered once every 10 days to maintain this temperature. In irrigated soil, the roots grow well and begin to grow by clinging strongly to the soil. In this process, your part will be to wait for the summer season. During the summer heat, you should check the garden frequently and not skip watering periods.

How to Grow Watermelon from Seeds in Pots?

We would also like to answer the question of how to grow watermelons in pots at home for those who do not have a garden or field. Growing watermelon in pots has also attracted great attention in recent years. Special tips for those who want to grow watermelons in pots are as follows!

Step 1: Core Selection

Collect the seeds of the watermelon whose taste you like very much on a napkin and dry it.

Step 2: We Plant the Seeds in the Pot

  • Fill half of a large and deep pot with fertile soil.
  • Place 3 seeds in the middle of the soil.
  • Cover the seeds with a little more soil and wait for about 10 days after giving them water.
  • If you choose humid days without windwhen planting the seeds in pots , you can continue their development in better conditions.

Process 3: Seedling Formation in the Pot

  • If you plant seeds in autumn, you will have grown medium-sized watermelons by the end of spring.
  • It is also important that the pot is in a sunny location.
  • Do not forget to make daily checks after the seedlings grow. Do not forget to water when the soil dries.
  • If you wish, you can take the seedling growing in the pot into the garden. Thus, you will increase the yield of watermelon.

How to Care for Watermelon?

Climate Conditions

  • A warm and humid climateis required for watermelon to grow in the best conditions. Arid and cold regions are not suitable for watermelon cultivation.
  • It is an important detail that the soil temperature is 12 degrees.

Soil Selection

  • It is important that the soil where watermelon will be planted is rich in minerals.
  • Soils with high water retention capacity should be selected.
  • When the fertilization method is applied in soils with high clay content, a productive harvest can be obtained.
  • You can make the growing conditions more suitable by fertilizing the soil. We recommend that you choose animal manure.

Water Need

  • Moisture must be preserved in watermelon roots, so watering should not be neglected.
  • If seedlings are transferred from the pot to the garden, plenty of water should be given after this transfer.
  • It is recommended not to overwater until the fruiting period.
  • Once the fruits exceed 5 cm in size,they should be watered daily.
  • Avoid damaging the leaves when watering the watermelon. It is more appropriate to water towards the roots.
  • The drip method will be ideal for watering watermelons on large areas.

Harvest time

  • There is no clear time given for those who say they have planted a watermelon in a pot or in the garden and when they will harvest it.
  • Approximately 90 days afterplanting the seeds , fruits can begin to ripen.
  • Harvesting can be done approximately 50 days afterthe seedling blooms.
  • Harvest time varies depending on soil fertility and climate.
  • It is known that it takes less time in hot and humid cities.
  • You can test the color on the watermelon rind to harvest. If the leaves of the ripening watermelon have wilted; You can now collect the watermelon.

What Should We Do to Grow Delicious Watermelon?

  • You can tell when the watermelon is harvested by the shine on its skin. You can also collect watermelons with very shiny skins by plucking them by hand.
  • If the collected watermelons will be stored in the warehouse; We recommend that you avoid creating stacks on top of each other. Watermelons that pile up too much may crack the watermelons at the bottom. This also causes material damage.
  • If the summer season is too short in the region you live in; You can germinate the seeds in a container at home.
  • When you want to grow watermelon in pots in the most efficient way, you can use plenty of organic materials. More productive results are obtained in soils containing organic matter.
  • To get the most delicious taste of watermelon,you need to fulfill the conditions of its care. Both excessive watering and dehydration affect the taste of watermelon.
  • If harmful substances in the soil attract attention, it is recommended to clean these substances.
  • Removing any insects or weeds that may damage the plantwill positively reinforce the growth of the watermelon.
  • Do not expect too many fruitsfrom the plant in order not to tire the soil too much. Getting intense productivity can tire the soil in some cases.
  • You can use pesticides for insect infestation on watermelon leaves.

How Many Days Should Watermelon Be Watered?

Before fruit formation, it is important to reduce the amount of watering as much as possible. However, after the fruit size reaches 5-6 cm, it is necessary to start normal watering routines. From this period onwards, irrigation should be carried out every 15 days. During the irrigation process, the soil depth should be brought to field capacity within the range of 0-90 cm.

How many days does it take for watermelon to bear fruit?

Watermelon is a plant with a long growing period. It may take approximately 100-120 days from planting to harvest. So, watermelons usually grow and mature to a point where they can be harvested within 3-4 months. Watermelons, especially those grown in the garden, tend to offer a higher quality and more productive harvest.

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