How to grow traffic on your food blog?

Since you are reading this post, I am assuming you are a blogger, possibly a food blogger, who is interested in learning more about food blog visitor numbers.

Food blogging can be a lot of fun, but it also requires a lot of arduous work and dedication.

Starting and maintaining a food blog may sound simple, but it takes a significant amount of time and effort. Even after all the time and effort you put into perfecting your recipes and your food photography skills, you may still find yourself falling short.

It is not that your recipes are bad, or your photography is mediocre; rather, it is because of something else.

Instead, you are dealing with one major issue: no one is reading your blog.

But do not be concerned; you are not alone.

Most blogs, including food blogs, receive less than five hundred visitors per month.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could automate your growth? Or, better yet, find solutions that will allow you to grow your blog from hundred to thousand visitors per month without moving a muscle.

Ways to get more people to read and visit your food blog

Here are some ways that will assist you in increasing the traffic that visits your food blog, which can lead to new opportunities, an increased number of dedicated subscribers, improved brand awareness, and increased financial gain.

Here are some ways that you can start increasing the traffic to your food blog right away, from search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing to email marketing and writing guest posts.

Email marketing

The only place where you have control over your customer base is through your email platform. In contrast to social media platforms, where you always run the risk of losing customers or followers if your account is blocked, this method does not expose you to such dangers.

Sending out email newsletters requires a high-quality email list. An email’s open, click, and other metrics will be higher only if the list’s quality is good as well.

It is important to verify the email address and phone number that a user provides when submitting a contact form on your website.

Aside from this method, you can build a quality email list by using email lookup tools.

Email lookup tools

One of the quickest and easiest ways to locate an email address is to make use of an email lookup service such as

Just enter someone’s username and the domain name of their business and hit “search.” The tool will do the rest for you, finding the correct email address format.

I hope this was useful advice.

Create high-quality content

Many blogging experts follow this adage. We often hear the phrase, “Content is King!” Make Fantastic Content! Make Epic Content!

Indeed, it is true!

All types of linking are multiplied by high-quality content. People are more likely to save the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your blog in their bookmarks bar (which is a link!), share your post on social media (which is a link!) or sign up for your email list (which will send links back to your blog!). All these actions generate links.

When one of these things occurs, your blog traffic increases slightly.

You will not get any links if you publish low-quality content, and as we are learning, links are the internet’s lifeblood.

There will not be any traffic if there are not any links, and the more links there are, the more traffic there will be.

Along with this, you should focus on SEO and social media marketing, creating, and promoting high-quality pins and photos on both Pinterest and Instagram.

Additionally, establishing a presence on YouTube appears to be a promising idea as well.

Many people turn to this channel when they need a recipe. In the description of your channel, you can always include a link to your personal blog or website.

Concluding thoughts 

It is important to keep in mind that some of these methods require some amount of time before they can produce the desired result, whereas others can produce results almost immediately.

So, when it comes to increasing food blog traffic, patience is always a virtue.

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