How to Grow Avocados at Home?

How to Grow Avocados at Home

Avocado is one of the fruits that contain vitamin E and protect against cancer. Avocado, the green fruit of tropical regions, has also met the growing conditions in our country. Avocado, which you can find in every season, is produced by greenhouse and garden farming method. Avocado, which has a more nutritious seed than other known fruits, is grown to produce a new fruit with this seed. You will find all the details about how to plant avocado seeds in our article.

Would you like to grow this fruit, which is in the group of natural oils, at home? Moreover, by following very easy steps! When you grow avocados in your own garden or at home, you can harvest them and benefit from their benefits. With avocado, you can cleanse your skin from toxins and keep your immune system strong. But first you need to prepare the avocado’s growing environment.

Those who want to expand their hobby world and get one step closer to organic agriculture find the answer to the question of how to grow avocados on this page. It is your turn!

Ingredients Required to Grow Avocados

We have listed the materials you must supply to grow avocados at home. First, complete your list and then move on to the germination and growing phase. We can give the first answer to the question of how to grow an avocado tree by preparing the materials.

  • avocado seed
  • Thick toothpick – pin
  • jar full of water
  • medium size flower pot
  • peat soil

How to Grow Avocados at Home?

1) You Must Remove the Core First

The seed of the avocado is its own core. The question of how to grow an avocado from its seed immediately comes to mind. The avocado seed must first be opened, that is, cleaned.

  • To do this, separate the seed of a fresh avocado from the fruit.
  • Wash the seeds you have separated well and soak them in warm water for about 5 minutes.
  • Dry the avocado seed taken from the water with a napkin and prepare for the second stage.

2) Sprouting & Germination

The avocado seed must first sprout, that is, germinate:

  • You must wait approximately 8 weeks for the sprouting phase.
  • Use toothpicks to make holes with the plump side down so that the seed sprouts.
  • If a toothpick is not available, holes can be made with a pin.
  • You can create the holes you will drill on the flat part of the core.
  • Since the seed coming out of the water will have a soft texture, without wasting any time, insert a toothpick into the seed from 3 or 4 directions and leave it in a jar half full of water.
  • Half of the avocado seed should be in the water and the other half should be on the surface; The water level should remain below the toothpicks.
  • The perforated seed in the water begins to sprout after 8 weeks and is ready to be placed in the pot.
  • During this process, you can add water as the water decreases.
  • In order for the avocado seed to sprout quickly and beautifully, it is recommended to keep it in a location with indirect sunlight in your home. There should be no direct sunlight or complete shade.

Also, remember that you can better absorb the sun by using a glass cup or glass jar.

3) A New Medium: Planting in a Pot

We will recommend you to pot the avocado seed that sprouts in water to keep it more alive and healthy. Avocado seeds left in water may rot after a while. If you are wondering how to plant avocado in the ground, you can start by choosing a nice pot.

To pot it in its natural environment, a medium sized 20-25 cm wide pot may be useful. Add the peat, sand and perlite mixture to the bottom of the pot and place the seed in the middle. You should place the sprouts coming from the root in the soil, with some of the core on the surface.

Then add soil around the core and add life water. If you take daily care of the avocado seedlings to which life water has been added, you can get the reward of your efforts. It is enough for the avocado soil to be moist; It should not be dry or too watery.

If we talked about how to grow avocados and what is needed at home ; Now we will explain some tips to you. Those who are curious can move on to the next title:

Tips for Growing Avocados

  • Those who want to grow avocado from its seed should buy fresh avocado to use as seed.
  • The process of sprouting the seed of an avocado, which rots and develops black spots, may fail.
  • If you are wondering what kind of climate avocado grows in, do not forget that these are temperate climates.
  • You should perform the core piercing process with a toothpick from the lower parts of the core. Sprouting is not expected from holes drilled close to the pointed area.
  • If you’re at all excited about growing avocados, you may want to pot them as soon as you see the first sprout. But we want to warn you here.
  • Do not transfer the sprouts to the pot until they are approximately 15 cm long. Make the transition to the pot with the stronger sprouts. This way you can keep the avocado seedling alive.
  • Let’s emphasize a tip for the question of how to germinate an avocado : For germination in water, make sure that the seed is completely free of fruit. The fruit residue, the seed, delays germination.
  • Planting time of avocado is also important. If planting takes place in the spring, the development of the plant will be ensured.
  • Let us tell you a super secret. If you add coconut zest to avocado soil; You can maintain the moisture balance and fertility of the soil. The question of how to grow avocado fruitis solved so easily!

How to Care for Avocado?

Yes, you germinated the avocado seed and potted it. Well, what about afterwards? Here are the care secrets of avocado! With these tips, you can protect the health of your avocado and get productive fruit.

1) Irrigation

Avocado, which dries in the heat of July, requires plenty of water. You won’t be left dehydrated during the scorching days of August. Try not to leave the avocado plant without water. However, avocado is not a plant that likes much water. It is sufficient to water the root area every 7-10 days to wet it.

Purifying irrigation water from salt and chlorine is very important in this regard. If watered with chlorinated water, avocado leaves will burn. When the seedlings in the pot grow, watering once a week or once every 10 days will be sufficient. If avocado leaves turn yellow, it may mean that it has been overwatered. You can take a break from watering at this stage.

2) Fertilization

Avocado seedlings grow healthier when fertilized. Avocados in the garden or in pots require some fertilizer 1 month after planting. The plant is prepared for summer with the fertilizer given in February.

For the most accurate fertilization, it is necessary to have a soil analysis. Natural soil analysis is suitable for avocado saplings grown on large areas. You can also protect the plant by giving some fertilizer to the avocado in the pot at home.

The soil where fertilizer is applied must also be rich in minerals. When you ask how to grow avocado in soil, humus soil will be a good choice. Avocados will grow best when the soil’s pH balance is 6.

3) Positioning

Positioning location is important in answering the question of what kind of environment does avocado grow in ? It is recommended to place the avocado pot in semi-shaded locations. The leaves of avocados exposed to direct sun may dry out. It would be appropriate to move the avocado to a cooler corner, especially if it becomes dehydrated in the summer sun. Complete shade will not be healthy either.

4) Pruning

Avocado pruning period is at the end of winter. The roots are not left empty to protect the plant from frost and cold in winter. After spring, the renewed and dried leaves are removed by hand. In this way, the plant root receives the sun and oxygen more easily. Shoot tips can be cut and plucked. Apart from pruning the top part, the need for pruning is low in young saplings.

5) Repotting

As the avocado plant grows, the pot will also need to be changed. Don’t forget to renew the soil when repotting. If you choose a larger pot every year than the previous year; You can help the avocado roots grow more easily and stronger. It would be more effective to choose pots with holes in the bottom.

How to Grow an Avocado Tree?

After you start growing a tiny avocado seedling in a pot, you may have started to wonder how to grow an avocado tree .

  • If you are considering growing an avocado tree in the garden, it is important to choose a temperate area with plenty of sunlight.
  • Avocado trees will not grow comfortably in windy areas where frost occurs.
  • When planting the fruit, it would be a good idea to choose a well-drained, alluvial soil that is at least 1 meter deep.

When Will I Get the First Fruit from the Avocado Tree?

So, how long does it take for an avocado tree to grow? How many years does it take for an avocado to bear fruit? If you have followed the steps presented to you one by one to grow the avocado, now you should wait for a while.

We have sad news for those who wonder after how many months will they buy the fruit. The avocado plant begins to bear fruit not in months but in years. An avocado seed you plant today will bear witness to you and your family for years to come, and will begin to bear fruit in about 3 years .

Does avocado grown at home produce fruit? Yes, it gives; But only those who continue to care patiently can reach this fruit. One fact that those who want to grow avocados should accept is that this job requires patience . Avocado saplings mostly bloom between February and March.

One of our answers to your question about how to grow avocados at home is to grow them with patience. If you are wondering what should be done to make the avocado bear fruit and what can be done to make it easier for it to bear fruit, grafting can help. After this information, the avocado seed consumed at home will no longer go to waste!

Avocado Grafting Method

The tongue grafting method can be applied for avocado grafting. You can cover the top of the graft with paste. The awakening of vaccinations occurs around the end of March. The most suitable period for vaccination is February.

Tips for Avocado Growing Conditions

While growing avocados is easy, there are a few important facts. One of the most important details is that the first fruit to be used for germination is fresh. Tropical climatic conditions will increase productivity. You can choose the months between March and June for planting.

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