How to eat breakfast and at what time to lose weight?

How to eat breakfast and at what time to lose weight

It is recommended to consume foods that give energy to the body, so that it satisfactorily fulfills its functions.

There are those who believe that eliminating breakfast from their routine will lose weight, but what this causes is a counterproductive effect, because this meal is important for the body, since it provides energy to carry out its different metabolic processes.

In order to maintain an ideal weight or, perhaps, lose weight, healthy products should be consumed in the morning hours to avoid any type of discomfort during the day and thus counteract anxiety.

The article titled Effect of breakfast on weight and energy intake: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, chaired by the researcher Katherine Sievert, confirms that the intake of food at breakfast does not necessarily contribute to weight loss , concluding that people who ate breakfast for a while obtained a high energy intake, while those who did not had a minimal loss of calories.

This means that so far there are no favorable results that promote not eating breakfast, so it is recommended to include in a diet plan vegetables, fruits and/or proteins that participate in the objective sought, whether it is increasing muscle mass or lose weight, for example.

The benefits of eating breakfast

An article published by Mejor con Salud, written by Iván Aranaga, mentions the advantages that exist after a quality breakfast.

  • Depending on what is consumed, appetite is also reduced, and therefore, the intake of foods that are not necessarily healthy. For this reason, including in this meal those products that produce a filling effect can be favorable for losing weight.
  • The foods that are consumed in the morning hours not only provide energy, but also offer other properties such as diuretics and/or fibrous properties, which not only feed the body, but also counteract other conditions such as constipation and fluid retention, which in many cases gives an appearance of swelling, that is, of being overweight.
  • It is important to mention that, on some occasions, the metabolism is slow due to the lack of energy in the body, so incorporating eating plans with low energy content is detrimental to caloric expenditure that helps in weight loss.

This does not mean that you should exaggerate in the consumption of food for breakfast, but that you should choose the right ones, which fulfill their proper function. In addition, the stage of life a person is in must be taken into account, since a six-year-old child who tolerates milk is not the same as a person over 60 who is intolerant of it.

Breakfast alternatives

The following two breakfasts are an option of what could be a good morning dish, but it is suggested to consult a nutritionist for a balanced diet, depending on your physical condition or health problems.

  • Option 1:Egg with mushrooms or spinach; a serving of fruit, either pineapple or strawberry, along with a natural drink, either tea or a cup of coffee.
  • Option 2:A portion of fruit such as pineapple, a cup of coffee or tea along with a slice of cheese and a few slices of ham with toast may be ideal.

The aforementioned health site does not advise eating breakfast the moment you wake up, but waiting a prudent time because glucose is low at that time, which contributes to other necessary processes in the body and by doing so reduces the risks of suffer illnesses over the years.

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