How to Cook Chestnuts? All Cooking Techniques with Tips

How to Cook Chestnuts

Chestnuts, which were roasted on wood stoves in the winter months, still continue to sweeten the palate with different cooking methods today. Chestnut, which is among the indispensable foods of winter months, is one of the preferred foods with its nutritious structure as well as warming us.

This snack, which is almost a winter classic, is grown in the Black Sea, Aegean and Marmara regions of Turkey. Besides being a nutritious product, it also has medicinal properties.

So, how to cook the best chestnuts? Although it may seem easy to cook chestnuts, there are some tricks. How to cook good chestnuts by paying attention to these? you can explore.

How to Cook Chestnuts?

  • Chestnut is one of the foods rich in cooking methods. Generally, peddlers selling chestnuts during the winter months cook the chestnuts by roasting them.
  • How to cook chestnuts at home, what are the benefits? is wondering the question. Chestnut is a product that can be easily prepared at home.
  • Whichever method you use to cook chestnuts, the most important trick is to scratch the chestnut.
  • The deeper this scratch is, the better the inside of the chestnut will be cooked.
  • Scratching chestnuts can be challenging at times. Various tools are sold to scratch chestnuts without harming your hand. You can easily draw your chestnuts by obtaining these.
  • The direction in which the chestnuts are drawn is also very important. If scratches are made on its large surface, it will peel off more easily.
  • The quality of the chestnut you buy is also important for cooking and eating a delicious chestnut.
  • If the size of the chestnut is too small, the flavor you will get will decrease as it will shrink while cooking.
  • For this reason, it is recommended to choose large chestnuts. In addition, it is easier to scratch large chestnuts and cook them in many ways.

How to Cook Chestnuts in the Oven?

  • How to cook chestnuts, can the oven be used to cook chestnuts? Such questions are among the topics that those who want to make chestnuts at home are curious about. Chestnut is a food that can be cooked in the oven.
  • To cook chestnuts in the oven, make a scratch on the chestnuts that you have washed well. Arrange your chestnuts on the baking tray and cook them for about 20 minutes. For the chestnut baking process in the oven, the oven temperature should be between 170 and 205 degrees.
  • You can bake the scratched chestnuts on baking paper in the oven to prevent staining of the tray you will use. Thus, you prevent the chestnuts from sticking to the tray, and you can ensure that the chestnuts are separated from the tray in seconds for consumption.

How to Cook Chestnuts in the Pan?

  • One of the chestnut cooking methods is to use a pan. So, how to cook chestnuts in a teflon pan? To cook chestnuts in the pan, you must first scratch the chestnuts that you wash well.
  • You can make your drawn chestnuts soften by soaking them in water for two hours.
  • If you do not have time to soak in water, it is beneficial to cook your chestnuts in this way by putting 1 tea glass of water in a pan for 1 kg of chestnuts.
  • Your chestnuts that you will cook in this way will not lose their shape and will be soft. You can roast your chestnuts, which you have kept in water, by placing them in the pan.
  • It is recommended to use a Teflon or non-flammable non-stick pan to cook the chestnuts in the pan in the best way. If you want to cook chestnuts in pans with old and worn inner surfaces; You may cause some of the chestnuts to stick to the pan.

How to Cook Chestnuts in Water?

  • You can also cook your chestnuts in water. With this method, you will also prevent the chestnuts from drying out.
  • If chestnuts will not be cooked in water, they must be kept in water for two hours. This process allows the chestnuts to soften and peel more easily.
  • You can cook your chestnuts by boiling your chestnuts in a small amount of water that you will put in the pan or pot, and roasting them after the water is completely removed.
  • The method of cooking chestnuts in water is usually the first step of preparing chestnut candy.
  • If you are going to make candied chestnuts, you can boil the chestnuts in hot water for a while.
  • You can also consume chestnuts boiled in this way without any processing.

How to Cook Chestnuts in an Oven Bag?

  • One of the wonders among chestnut cooking methods is how to cook chestnuts in an oven bag. is the question.
  • To cook chestnuts in an oven bag, the washed chestnuts are drawn transversely from the wide part.
  • After they are kept in water for about 10 times, they are placed in the oven bag.
  • After the oven bag is pierced in several places, it is baked in a 200 degree oven for 30 to 35 minutes.
  • Chestnuts cooked in an oven bag are also very tasty and soft.
  • Chestnuts cooked in an oven bag are very tasty and practical.
  • If you prefer this cooking method, you will help preserve the taste of the chestnuts.
  • In addition, after a pleasant consumption of chestnuts, you will prevent the tray from getting dirty.

How to Cook Chestnuts in a Pot?

  • One of the chestnut cooking methods is to cook chestnuts in a pot.
  • Chestnuts can be cooked in a pot with water or roasted. Chestnuts can also be cooked using a pressure cooker.
  • Chestnuts placed in the water and steam basket to be placed in the pressure cooker are cooked for 10 minutes at the lowest setting after the whistle blows.
  • After the completion of 10 minutes, the bottom of the stove is turned off, the lid of the pressure cooker is opened and the chestnuts can be eaten with pleasure.

How to Cook Chestnuts in the Microwave?

  • One of the ways to cook chestnuts is to cook chestnuts in the microwave oven. You can prepare delicious chestnuts with the method of cooking chestnuts in the microwave oven, which is a very easy and practical method.
  • So, how to cook chestnuts in the microwave oven? We draw the chestnuts that we wash from the wide part.
  • After waiting for 45 minutes in warm water, you can place the chestnuts directly on the plate of the microwave.
  • If you extend the soaking time, your chestnuts will be softer.
  • By choosing the chestnut cooking option according to the settings of the microwave oven, you can cook between 5 minutes and 8 minutes according to the size of the chestnuts.
  • If you want to burn their shells, if you cook your cooked chestnuts even a little in a pan, you will have an ideal chestnut.

How to Cook Chestnuts in a Roast, Fire?

  • Perhaps one of the most delicious forms of chestnuts is to cook chestnuts on embers or on fire. By paying attention to some tricks, you can easily cook chestnuts on embers or on fire.
  • In order to cook chestnuts with this method, you must first draw the chestnuts that you wash well.
  • You can cook the chestnuts kept in water by throwing them into the fire.
  • The trick to cooking chestnuts on fire or embers is to cook them on high heat and in a short time. Your chestnuts prepared in this way will be very tasty.

How to Cook Frozen Chestnuts?

  • It is possible to cook chestnuts whenever you want by keeping them in the deep freezer during the season.
  • Before storing chestnuts in the freezer, you must wash and scratch them.
  • In this way, you can easily cook the chestnuts you store in any way you want.

How to Cook Chestnuts in Steam?

  • One of the methods of cooking chestnuts is steaming. Steamed chestnuts will be both healthy and tender.
  • Steam basket is used in steam cooking method.
  • You can easily cook your cleaned and scratched chestnuts in a steam basket and cook them in a saucepan or pressure cooker.
  • While cooking in the pot takes longer, in the pressure cooker, the chestnuts are cooked within 10 minutes after the water boils.

How to Cook Chestnuts in a Toaster?

  • Another way you can cook your chestnuts is to use a toaster. You can cook your chestnuts easily and practically in the toaster.
  • After you soak your washed and scratched chestnuts in water for a while, you can put them in the toaster and let them cook quickly.
  • You can perform your cooking process evenly by turning it inside out.
  • A little water sprinkled on the toaster will help make your chestnuts softer.

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