How to Clean Cola Stains?

How to Clean Cola Stains

Since the content of cola, which is a sugary and acidic drink, is unknown, we know that its stickiness is only due to sugar. In fact, there is a certain form of cleansing such as sugar water or other alternative drinks.

However, it is still not possible to find a clear answer to the question of how to remove cola stains. Even if it is possible to clean it with different methods, it will not be easy to clean the cola stain under all conditions. After a tedious process, you can remove traces of cola from your clothes, carpet or upholstery.

It has a structure that leaves traces of cola in the area where it is spilled and can spread continuously. Generally, people who are not aware of this feature try to clean it by wiping or rubbing it. This allows the cola stain to spread further and also to penetrate much further. What you need to do to restore your coke-stained clothes is in a certain order.

How to Remove Cola Stains?

The main method that everyone knows to clean cola stains is to press cold water. This is important for the source of the problem you are experiencing. In fact, in today’s conditions, it is known that cola provides an active cleaning opportunity if it is done as soon as it is spilled. But we may not always be that lucky. Just like the problems we experience while traveling or when we are not at home. For example, it is more difficult to remove cola stains when they are spilled on us in a place.

Because we do not have the luxury of taking off our clothes and stepping into cold water. It is possible to prevent it from spreading by simply pouring salt on the stain. Naturally, there are not many alternatives left for cleaning.

Does Cold Water Remove Cola Stains?

This should be the first move we make when cola spills on our clothes or tablecloth. Even if our clothes or tablecloths are not immediately cleaned when we put them in cold water, the entire spreading phase of the stain will stop. For example, that sticky feeling caused by sugar content will disappear and black spots will be prevented from forming in a larger area. After waiting for a while, we need to take it out of the water to wash it.

Does Detergent Remove Cola Stains?

Detergent is the most important cleaning method you can use. For this, you can use the scale as 1 teaspoon. You will pour this measure from the dishwashing detergent onto your clothes or cover after taking it out of cold water. You should use this detergent, which you should only apply on the stain, with warm water, not cold water.

It is recommended to lather with warm water while the detergent starts to penetrate the entire stain. You can be sure that the more it foams, the cleaner the fabric will be. Removal of the stain may vary depending on how long it has been there, the type of fabric, and the amount of acid and sugar in the cola. When you are convinced that it is clean, proceed to the rinsing process.

It will be beneficial for you to use warm water in this process. The more you rinse, the more beneficial it will be. Because both the foaming effect of the dishwashing detergent and the starch stain you are trying to remove will wash away from the fabric with rinsing.

Does Vinegar Remove Coke Stains?

You can use vinegar in almost every part of your home and consider it as one of the most important points of cleaning. Naturally, when you mix vinegar with water, you can apply the cleaning liquid you get by pouring it on the starch mark. Apart from this, it is also up to you to apply a cleaning cloth with vinegar and water on the stain.

Considering that vinegar has a stain dissolving effect, it will still be effective on cola marks. You will both ensure cleaning by natural means and provide the same environment with detergent. Just remember that after applying the vinegar water, you should throw it into the machine on its normal cycle. If we are talking about a surface or fabric that you cannot put in the machine, it is still recommended to wash it by hand.

Does Salt Remove Cola Stains?

Adding salt to cola stains is not actually specific to this stain. On the contrary, it provides a solution to all stains. You can prevent the salt from spreading by pouring it right on the stain. Not only will it prevent it from spreading, it will also come to the fore with its removal feature and will make it easier for the scar to be removed completely.

While it is recommended to apply cold water compress if you are at home, you can choose this as one of the instant solutions if you are away from home. This is very important for cleaning the stain in case you spill cola in a place, while walking outside, or while traveling on a bus.

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