How to Clean and Store Broccoli?

How to Clean and Store Broccoli?

Broccoli is a vegetable that is recommended to be consumed frequently in its season, which is beneficial for people of all ages. Broccoli, which introduces itself as a tiny green tree, is full of unknown mysteries behind its cute appearance. Effective as medicine, this useful vegetable is added to various dishes.

Adding color and flavor to soups and salads, broccoli provides the body’s need for vitamin C, antioxidants, and folic acids. Broccoli, which is not missing from the kitchens of those who want to prepare their body before pregnancy, protects the health of the uterus and eggs of those who want to have a baby.

You can prepare delicious salads, healing soups, and meat dishes with broccoli. By consuming broccoli in season, you will also strengthen your immune system. In order to make broccoli popular in your home and present it with different recipes, you must first clean the broccoli well.

Now, let’s clean the broccoli together for the cleanest consumption with you. In this article prepared for those who say how to clean the easiest broccoli, you can clean and sort the broccoli step by step. Those who say how to wash and chop broccoli will be able to prepare broccoli dishes practically after reading these lines!

How to Clean Broccoli?

To clean the broccoli from dust and tiny insects in its leaves; We will offer you 2 different practical methods.

1) 15 Minutes in Vinegar Water

Vinegar water will make your job easier to drain the dust and soil on the broccoli:

  • First, clean the tiny green leaves on the outside of the broccoli with your hands.
  • After cleaning the small leaves, you will see that the broccoli attached to a single stem consists of clumps of tiny pieces. Make sure that these parts are separated from the roots with a knife stroke.
  • Throw the chunks of any size you want in a bowl and fill them with cold water just enough to cover them.
  • Make the broccoli pieces even cleaner by adding 1 cup of vinegar to the water.
  • Run the broccoli, which has been waiting in vinegar water for about 15 minutes, under cold water under the tap and use it for any recipe you want.
  • Vinegar water cleans the tiny insects found in some plants.

Vinegar Soaking Method Video Lecture

  • How to wash broccoli in vinegar water? The cleaning method you need to consume broccoli comfortably in your salads, soups, and meals is explained in this video:

2) 10 Minutes in Carbonated Water

Another natural method of cleaning broccoli is carbonated water. Carbonated water ensures that the vitamin store broccoli is purified from dirt:

  • Collect the broccoli, which you cut into small pieces with a knife, in a bowl.
  • Sprinkle 1 packet of baking soda into this bowl.
  • Add enough cold water to cover the entire broccoli and stir the vegetables several times.
  • Take the broccoli, which has been waiting in carbonated water for 10 minutes, in a strainer and run it through cold water.
  • With the effect of carbonated water, tiny insects and dust between the broccoli clumps will flow away with the water.
  • Thus, you can prepare cleaner and healthier broccoli recipes. Bon Appetit!

Soaking Method in Carbonated Water Video Lecture

  • How to clean broccoli using baking soda? Here is the answer! Video narration that will purify substances such as dust, insects, and dirt from broccoli is in your presence.

5 Steps: How to Store Broccoli in the Freezer?

For those who say how to store broccoli in the freezer, the most accurate method is the method of shocking. To keep broccoli in the freezer for a long time, you can follow these steps: You can protect the broccoli that you cut into pieces in the freezer by shocking it.

1) First, boil hot water in a saucepan. Add the broccoli pieces to the boiling hot water and let them stay in the hot water for 2 minutes.

2) Put the broccoli, which has been waiting in hot water for 2 minutes, into cold water immediately.

3) Then put it in a strainer to drain the water. When taking it into a refrigerator bag or storage container, you should make sure that the water is well-drained.

4) Transfer the broccoli that has released its water to the freezer container or freezer bag of your choice. If you store it wet, it may lose its color and taste.

5) When you want to use it later, you can take the frozen broccoli out of the freezer and boil it and add it to your recipes. You can keep broccoli in the freezer for the longest of 12 months. In order not to forget this period, you can write the date on the bag or container.

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