How Many Calories in Rice Pudding?

Calories in Rice Pudding

Isn’t rice pudding the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to light milk desserts? Cooking the rice in milk syrup, vanilla flavor, the delicious smell of cinnamon sprinkled on it, and the soft sweet feeling arising from the combination of all these harmonious flavors… Rice pudding, one of the traditional Turkish desserts that has taken its place in the kitchens of every home, also has countless regulars with its different versions.

If you are not into heavy desserts with syrup, the closest address you can think of is rice pudding, which is probably mentioned for the first time in the history of cuisine as ‘milk soup’ in the poems of Kaygusuz Abdal, in the period corresponding to the 15th century. According to another information, this dessert, which is known as ‘uwa’, is mentioned in Kaşgarlı Mahmud’s precious work called Divan-ü Lügati-t Türk. The recipe for its preparation is also included in this work. According to the story, a mixture of rice, sugar and milk is cooked and fed to a person who is sick with his stomach. The emergence of rice pudding can also be explained in this way. In addition, it has been a dessert frequently preferred by harem members and sultans in the palace kitchen of the Ottoman Period, especially during Ramadan. In foreign sources, rice pudding is referred to as Turkish style rice sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

So, how should it be consumed in this dairy-free diet, one of our oldest desserts, which has been in our culinary culture for a long time? Does it make you gain weight when eaten during the slimming process? How many calories in rice pudding? Here comes the information you can find answers to your questions!

Speaking of information coming, those who have never tasted or cooked before, and those wondering how to make rice pudding, we have not forgotten you! Let’s leave this rice pudding added to the recipe book by thousands of people here, let both the video narration and the tricks help you 😉

How Many Calories in Rice Pudding?

Rice pudding dessert, which is based on milk, rice and sugar, is of course the most popular of the dairy desserts category. So, how many calories in rice pudding? Due to the high sugar and starch content, it should be consumed carefully during the weight control process. With the portion reductions to be made at these rates, calorie values ​​can be reduced. You can make it suitable for the diet by using less sugar or brown sugar. As we all know, 1 portion of classic rice pudding (a medium bowl) replaces 1 slice of bread. Instead of eating 1 glass of milk or 2 medium-sized fruits during the day, you can only consume rice pudding. The calorie values ​​of rice pudding are as follows:

  • 1 medium portion (250 g) rice pudding 266 kcal
  • How many calories in 1 bowl of rice pudding? 1 medium bowl of rice pudding corresponds to 1 medium portion of rice pudding, contains 266 calories.
  • 1 quarter cup (75 g) rice pudding 80 kcal
  • 1 tablespoon (30 g) rice pudding 32 kcal
  • 1 teaspoon (20 g) rice pudding 21 kcal

The most classic recipe of the light rice pudding dessert, which you can enjoy with hot or cold versions in summer or winter, is waiting for you at this link with its exact size and tricks that give delicious results every time! For those who are trying for the first time, don’t worry; video narration will make your job easier 😉

How Many Calories in Oven Rice Pudding?

Just as rice pudding has a special place among milk desserts, so the taste of rice pudding cooked in the oven is different from other rice puddings. Its light consistency, the roasted taste of the fried layer on it and its traditional presentation in earthen bowls turn into a feast of taste. Well, how many calories are in the oven rice pudding that we have been consuming for many years? Although there is not much difference between it and the classic rice pudding, let’s examine the calorie values ​​of baked rice pudding together:

  • 1 medium portion = 1 medium bowl (215 g) baked rice pudding 286 kcal
  • 1 large bowl (300 gr) baked rice pudding 399 kcal
  • 100 grams of baked rice pudding 133 kcal

Haven’t you ever tried baked rice pudding before? Do you want to bring the taste you eat outside to your own kitchen? It’s easy! It is impossible to have a bad surprise with the tricks of this full-measure recipe that thousands of people have added to their recipe book 🙂 We are waiting for photos from those who try!

How Many Calories in Diet Rice Pudding?

Rice pudding, which causes some reservations when consumed due to the amount of sugar in its content, is also a dessert rich in both the starch in rice and starch as an additional ingredient. Well, those on a diet can’t eat rice pudding, why not? A diet rice pudding prepared using sweetener instead of sugar contains lower calories than classic rice pudding. If you are on a diet or have diabetes, we can recommend diet rice pudding for you. You can also prepare a recipe by reducing the sugar content in traditional rice pudding by half. Well, how many calories in diet rice pudding? Here are the calorie values ​​of diet rice pudding prepared with sweetener:

  • 1 medium portion = 1 medium bowl (225 g) diet rice pudding 89 kcal
  • 100 grams of diet rice pudding 39 kcal

You wanted rice pudding while you were on a diet, what should you do? Prepared with brown rice instead of white rice, honey and molasses instead of sugar, this fit rice pudding is the kind that you can consume comfortably in your diet. When you divide it into 6 bowls, 1 serving is only 112 calories! Worth to try 😉

How Many Calories in Hazelnut Cinnamon Rice Pudding?

Those on a diet and diabetics are not allowed to enter the current rice pudding sign. Hazelnut particles combined with the exotic aroma of cinnamon take the traditional flavor of rice pudding to a whole new level, that’s for sure. As every good thing has a price, unfortunately, the calorie value of this rice pudding is a little high. Let’s say that if you keep cinnamon in abundance, you can catch the end of its metabolism-accelerating, appetite-suppressing and fat-burning properties, let’s ease our conscience a little. So, what are the calories in hazelnut cinnamon rice pudding? Let’s examine together:

  • 1 medium portion = 1 medium bowl (260 g) hazelnut cinnamon rice pudding 284 kcal
  • 100 grams of hazelnut and cinnamon rice pudding 109 kcal

You told such a story that we felt like we heard you say, but how is this hazelnut cinnamon rice pudding made? After trying this recipe with its details and exact measurements, it can be addictive, let’s warn you from the beginning. We envy those who can be content with one bowl.

Does Rice Pudding Make Weight? Can it be eaten on a diet?

  • The answer to the question of whether rice pudding makes you gain weight, as in many other recipes, is hidden in the materials it is used in and how much it is consumed.
  • If you are both trying to lose weight and consuming rice pudding with plenty of sugar in generous portions, of course, it will be difficult to get results. But don’t worry, it’s easy.
  • Brown rice comes into play at this stage. Rice pudding can be prepared with brown rice instead of starchy white rice.
  • Let’s come to another issue, which is undoubtedly sugar. Although it is milky and light, it is a sweet milky meal with a high sugar content. For this reason, not only those who are in the process of weight control, but also diabetics should consume it carefully.
  • If you say that I can’t keep the sugar rate very low and make it suitable for the diet, that is possible. You can also use brown sugar. You can remove the sugar completely and add sweetener instead, the calorie value will decrease considerably.
  • Molasses or honey, which is a more natural choice instead of processed sugar, will also work.
  • I want to eat rice pudding like rice pudding, if you are one of those who spoil the taste of brown rice and sweetener, then you will have to set some limits on yourself.
  • As a matter of fact, we mentioned that 1 portion (1 medium bowl) of rice pudding corresponds to 1 slice of bread, 1 glass of milk or 2 fruits.
  • If you give up your right to fruit or milk during the day and take a break from bread consumption that day, eating rice pudding once a week will not make you fat.
  • Can rice pudding be eaten on a diet? With all this information, we can answer yes to the question.

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