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Galata Tower Restaurant

Galata Tower Unraveled All Its Mystery In This Article!

Galata Tower is one of the most beautiful stops of Istanbul itineraries. It is considered one of the magnificent architectural structures that make Istanbul Istanbul. Many legends have been told throughout history for the Galata Tower. There are many rumors that his love with Maiden’s Tower determines the future of couples. Even songs and poems were written to the beauty of the Galata Tower.

If you want to feed yourself historically and culturally about the Galata Tower, which is considered the guardian of the city; This article may be very helpful to you. Now, let’s tell the transportation information for those who want to go to Galata Tower, and tell the legends for those who want to listen to its story.

Let us remind you that it will be useful to make your program by getting information if the Galata Tower is open, as there may be bans in special cases such as pandemics.

Galata Tower, Beyoğlu’s centuries-old watchman, is here with all its mystery!

Galata Tower Story and History


  • Galata Tower was called the Great Bastion in Byzantine times.
  • The Genoese called this tower the Tower of Christ.
  • The meaning of Galata Tower is also being wondered and researched.
  • Looking at the name story of the tower, it is stated that it consists of the word “gala”, which means “milk” in Greek.
  • Various studies indicate that the name of the tower comes from the Italian or Thracian language.
  • The construction of the Galata Tower was completed in 528.

So whose work is the Galata Tower?

  • This tower was built by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius Oilosuz.
  • This magnificent architectural structure, which operated as a lighthouse in the early periods, was damaged too much to use due to the fire that occurred over time.
  • Because wooden materials were used in its first construction.
  • The fact that it was wooden caused it to burn in the first severe fire.
  • The Genoese wanted to repair this tower again and make it a stronger structure.
  • They used stone materials for this purpose.
  • Functioning as a defense tower by the Genoese, this tower was captured by the Ottomans in 1453 and later operated for the veterans.
  • At this point, the Galata Tower broke its bond with the Genoese and became involved in a new culture with its use for new needs.
  • During the Ottoman period, this tower became the Mehteran Hearth.
  • II. The Galata Tower, which was constantly maintained during the reign of Mahmut II and took its final form, has been open to visitors as a historical structure since 1967.
  • The Galata Tower, which attracted great attention by local and foreign tourists, also affected its surroundings and supported the revival and interest of Beyoğlu.
  • There are many cafes and shops around Galata Tower. These shops and cafes also attract the attention of tourists.

Galata Tower Urban Legends

You will marry whoever you go to Galata Tower first!

  • The stories told about the Galata Tower have influenced the listeners for centuries.
  • One of these stories was told by the Romans.
  • It is said that if a man and a woman went to the tower together, their marriage would take place.

But there is a mystery in this story, which is as follows:

  • Man or woman must have come to the tower for the first time in their life.
  • This spell was broken for those who had climbed the Galata Tower before.
  • If the legends of the Galata Tower sound good to you, you can plan a nice dinner by saying that Galata Tower can be a romantic place to propose.

Love of Galata Tower and Maiden’s Tower

  • Another legend is the love of Galata Tower with Maiden’s Tower.
  • There is a strait between the Maiden’s Tower and Galata Tower.
  • This strait prevents the towers from the meeting.
  • This story is considered more fairy-tale and mysterious.
  • The love and longing of the two towers for each other is increasing day by day.
  • One morning, Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi takes wings and flies from the Galata Tower.
  • During this flight, he takes the letters that Galata Tower wrote to the Maiden’s Tower with him.
  • Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi, on the other hand, delivers the letters to the Maiden’s Tower as soon as he flies.
  • After the letters arrive at the Maiden’s Tower, the Maiden’s Tower starts to look more lively and attract attention day by day.
  • Legend has it that the reason why they have stood for centuries is the eternal bond between the two towers.
  • This is how the very famous Galata Tower story is known.
  • In addition, the legend of the Galata Tower is still a legend that has been transferred from language to language.

5 Interesting Little-Known Facts About Galata Tower

1) Since Galata Tower is a very old building, you can feel the texture of experience in the walls and atmosphere. In certain periods of the 18th century, the fires in Istanbul were controlled from the Galata Tower. The officers in this tower could detect where the fire broke out.

Istanbul View from Galata Tower

2) The city walls of Galata were named as Christos Walls. One of these walls was in the direction of the sea and the other three were in the direction of land. In the region where Galata is located, 12 different gates were built. The fact that 9 of these gates were on the seaside was considered a sign that the city was a port city.

3) Galata Tower has a magnificent view thanks to its height. If you are calculating how many meters the Galata Tower is; The height of the Galata Tower, which watches Istanbul from the top, is approximately 70 meters. Researches indicate that the tower weighs almost 10,000 tons.

4) When you want to enter the Galata Tower, you may think that you can go up the stairs by stairs, but there is an elevator to enter the tower. You can go up with the elevator and go down with the stairs. This feature is also reflected in the poems. Although the staircase section of the Galata Tower is narrow, if you want to feel the feeling of the people climbing these steps, you can climb the hill step by step as an experience that will take a little longer with slow steps.

5) The pointed cone of the Galata Tower was destroyed in a severe storm in 1875, and then it was repaired and formed more solidly.

Where is Galata Tower? How to go?

  • Many transportation options are offered to visit Galata Tower.
  • One of these options is to use the subway.
  • You should take the metro that runs for Yenikapı and Hacıosman stops and get off at Şişhane stop.
  • It is possible to reach the tower by walking a little on Refik Saydam Street on the way out.
  • You can reach Galata Tower in a short time by walking from Istiklal Street.
  • You must walk to the left from the street before the tunnel and continue your way down.
  • In a very short time, you will enter the street where Galata is located.
  • Galata Tower will be welcoming you with all its splendor.

Galata Tower Lyrics

Many things have been written and drawn by masters about the legendary Galata Tower, which is the subject of poems, songs and fairy tales. We have compiled those words full of emotion and history for you. Here are the Galata Tower poems and words that inspired poets by the Galata Tower:

While he was walkinghe did not know whether he would fly the
narrow steps of the Galata Tower,
was sure of one thing, he would
not just descend from
the stairs he was walking on.

(Socks Crack, Sunay Akin)

How should they know your worth, they don’t know. They can’t even make him love you. I love you best. Besides, can they ever make Galata Tower out of paper? They can’t, I’ll do it. If you understand, nobody can do it, nobody else can love you like that. (Ali Lidar)

When I think of Istanbul, I think of towers, every time I draw one, the other gets jealous, but if this Maiden’s Tower had a mind, it would reach Galata Tower and they would have many children. (Bedri Rahmi Eyupoglu)

It was a bright summer day, it was bright, the world was beautiful. A man fell from the Galata Tower that day, and he left himself in the void in the spring of his life, with all his hopes, a man was my son. (Umit Yasar Oguzcan)

Galata Tower Entrance Fee – Visiting Hours 2021

Galata Tower, which is very active and crowded at noon, attracts great attention due to the restaurants and cafes it contains. If you are planning to visit, it is recommended to go in the morning. Because it will be calmer; You can enjoy the Galata Tower to its fullest. On your special days or when you want to have a pleasant dinner, Galata Tower welcomes you in its restaurant serving in the evening.

Galata Tower, which is open between 08:30 and 00:00 during the summer period, is open between 10:00 and 20:00 in the winter.

For the year 2021, the following prices have been determined for the entrance to the Galata Tower:

  • Admission: 30 TL
  • Children under 5: Free
  • Museumcard: Invalid

Galata Tower Restaurant Breakfast & Dinner

  • Galata Tower has a restaurant that serves breakfast and meals.
  • If you want to have a mixed breakfast, you will have to pay 35 TL per person.
  • The restaurant menu is quite diverse. The highest price was determined as 40 TL on average.
  • If you have little time, you can spend time for a coffee in the cafe.

Galata Tower Address: Bereketzade, Galata Tower, 34421 Beyoğlu/Istanbul

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