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The forget-me-not flower, also known as mouse-ear among the people, because its leaves are likened to the shape of mouse ears; It attracts attention not only with its pleasant appearance and features but also with its story that has been spreading from ear to ear for years.

This flower, whose Latin name is Myosotis scorpioides , is a member of the Borage family. Forget-me-nots is a perennial and flowering plant. This flower, which is also used as an ornamental plant, can be grown in homes and gardens. The forget-me-not flower can grow up to 20-30 cm. Its leaves can be blue, white, or pink in color. We mentioned earlier that its leaves are shaped like mouse ears. However, as this flower grows, its leaves take on the shape of stars. It has a rigid structure.

If anyone is wondering where the forget-me-not flower grows, let’s explain it right away. The homeland of this flower, which offers a visual feast, is the coasts of America and Europe. However, this plant can be easily grown in almost any place where the soil is rich in matter, provided that suitable conditions exist. Forget-me-not flower is a plant that draws attention with its benefits. The tea of ​​this flower, which has many positive effects on human health, can be prepared and drunk.

How to Plant Forget-me-not Seeds?

  • There are different types of forget-me-not flowers. The sowing periods of the seeds of these species are different from each other.
  • For example; The ideal time for sowing seeds of M. scorpioides and M. alpestris species in spring. These species begin to bloom in early or mid-summer. The Myosotis sylvatica species is springy. Therefore, its seeds should be planted in the middle or end of summer.
  • Forget-me-not seeds need sunlight to germinate. Therefore, its cultivation is somewhat different from other flowers. While the seeds of other flowers are buried in the soil, the seeds of the forget-me-not flower are sprinkled on the soil. Then some water is given to the seed.
  • If the heat and light conditions are suitable, the seeds germinate within 15 days at the latest.
  • The life of the forget-me-not flower is 2 years.

How to Cultivate and Care for Forget-me-not Flowers?

Soil and Pot Selection

  • It grows in almost any soil provided that it is organic, nutritious, and rich in material.
  • It cannot thrive in poor soils.
  • Forget-me-not flower pot selection is also very important. The seeds of this flower are sprinkled on the soil surface. In addition, the seeds of the flower fall into the soil and reproduce spontaneously the following year. Therefore, a large pot should be chosen.


  • The soil of the forget-me-not flower should never be dry.
  • You should make sure that the soil of the flower is always moist.
  • Excessive watering will cause the flower to rot.
  • Therefore, the most accurate method for irrigation is to determine the water need of the flower by checking the soil from time to time.


  • The environment where the forget-me-not flower is located should be bright and airy. This flower needs an airy environment for longevity.
  • You can choose the sunniest part of your house for your flower. Because this flower loves direct sunlight.
  • When it receives direct sunlight, it gains a more vivid and healthy image.
  • For positioning, you can choose areas such as in front of windows, covered terraces, and balconies.
  • If the flower does not like its place, its leaves look pale and dull. If this is the case, we recommend that you relocate the flower.Growing Lily Flowers at Home, Care, Varieties

Heat and temperature

  • This flower likes sunny, semi-shaded, and cool places.
  • It is resistant to winter conditions due to its hard structure. Some species are even resistant to cold temperatures up to -20, -40 degrees.


  • Forget-me-nots can be propagated by planting seeds or dividing the root.
  • The best time for root propagation is the autumn season.
  • Also, this flower can reproduce by itself! How Does? The seeds that the plant pours into the soil germinate and allow it to reproduce spontaneously the next year.

Forgetmeme Flower Story and Meaning

The story of the forget-me-not flower, which is told from ear to ear, has managed to reach the present day. If you want, let’s tell the story of this flower without making you wonder more!

  • First, we’ll start with a German legend. According to this legend, God skips a small flower while naming all the flowers. This little flower: “O God! Don’t Forget Me!” she shouts. Then God says, “What’s your name?” Flower said again, “O God! Don’t Forget Me!” she shouts. Then God says, “This will be your name,” and this little flower’s name becomes forget-me-not.
  • This is not the only story told about the forget-me-not flower. According to another legend; Hz. As Eve and Adam leave paradise, this flower shouts “Don’t forget me” behind them. Thus, the name of the flower becomes forget-me.
  • According to another German legend, a knight and his lover went for a walk on the banks of the Danube during the Middle Ages. Meanwhile, they see a blue flower flowing on the river. When his lover likes this flower very much, the knight wants to take it from the river. Unfortunately, while trying to pick up the flower, it falls into the river. The knight, caught in the current, desperately throws the flower towards his lover and shouts “Forget Me Not”. After that day, the blue flower that the knight threw towards his lover is called the forget-me-not.
  • Today, the Alzheimer’s Association uses this flower as a symbol to raise awareness and awareness about this disease, and to support patient relatives.

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