Five foods to detoxify and deflate the body

foods to detoxify and deflate the body

Eating a balanced diet is key to preventing toxic substances from accumulating in the body.

The toxins that accumulate in the body are substances that are potentially harmful to the cells and tissues of the body. These are small molecules, proteins or other elements that come from outside or are generated internally.

The US National Library of Medicine claims that most toxins that cause problems in humans come from microorganisms such as bacteria. Others that also cause problems include metals such as lead, and certain organic chemicals present in the environment.

The toxic substances produced by the body occur in metabolic processes that people require to survive. For example, the mechanism by which cells obtain energy generates free radicals, explains information from the Mejor con Salud magazine.

To prevent these substances from accumulating, it is important to pay attention to habits such as smoking, alcoholism, drugs, coffee, fried foods, junk foods, and industrially processed foods, which have a lot to do with the generation of toxins.

Eating a balanced diet is key to preventing toxic substances from accumulating. This should include products that, due to their characteristics, are beneficial for cleaning the body and avoiding problems such as fluid retention or inflammation.

Green leafy vegetables

The chlorophyll contained in these foods helps remove toxins such as metals and pesticides from the body. The newspaper La Vanguardia , from Spain, cites a study carried out by the University of Leicester, which investigated the diets of 200,000 people and in which it was determined that these products help the liver fulfill its detoxification function. This includes spinach, watercress, lettuce, alfalfa and chard, among others.


Garlic is a food that helps activate liver enzymes, and makes it work well by fulfilling one of its main tasks, which is to remove toxins from the blood.


The antioxidant and detoxifying properties of fruits are important in the process of maintaining a clean and healthy body. Many of them provide fiber and other nutrients that promote digestion avoiding the accumulation of waste.

Green Tea

Information from the Gastrolab portal , from Mexico, indicates that the infusion of green tea with ginger is a good mixture to detoxify the body, since it contains antioxidants and helps to improve the digestive system, eliminate toxins and control stomach gas problems.


According to Mejor con Salud, citrus fruits are very purifying, especially lemon, because it acts directly on the liver, facilitating the digestion of fats, as well as promoting the elimination of liquids thanks to its diuretic properties.

Signs indicating excess toxins

Although there are various ways in which these substances accumulate in the body, the body is also designed to get rid of them, through the liver, which is the organ that specializes in purifying them. However, the accumulation leads to the fact that many times they cannot be completely expelled. When this happens there are some signs that should not be overlooked.

Tiredness: If a person wakes up tired after a good night’s sleep and feels fatigued during the day, they may have an accumulation of toxins. According to information from the National Health Superintendency, this situation occurs because the body works excessively to eliminate substances accumulated in the tissues.

Weight problems: When someone gains weight in an inexplicable way and no matter how hard they try to lose it, it can be an indicator of toxins in the body.

Constipation: If the intestines have problems expelling waste, it is a sign of toxin overload. Constipation, in addition to causing stomach upset, causes headaches and tiredness.

Skin problems: The skin is one of the organs that most reflects toxic excess. Acne problems, breakouts, puffy eyes and dark circles are sometimes signs that the body has reached its toxic limit, according to Supersalud.

Overheating of the body: This is a very common symptom of the accumulation of toxic substances that force the liver to work excessively, says Mejor con Salud.

Headache: Accumulated toxins in the blood directly affect the nervous system and therefore can trigger negative reactions such as continuous headaches.

Halitosis: When bad breath occurs that cannot be controlled despite good hygiene habits, it is possible that it is related to digestive problems and accumulation of toxins.

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