Fir Tree: Features You Have Never Heard Of, Benefits

Fir Tree

The seeds that meet with the soil and water create the formation of different trees in many parts of the world. Trees, one of the unique issues of nature, are of great importance for ensuring the oxygen cycle.

We will introduce you to a tree that has made a name for itself on this page. The fir tree is a tree that has been in the land for centuries and delights people with its benefits. See, the fir tree has species characteristics?

What is Fir?

  • Fir is a kind of tree with coniferous leaves and is widely found in our country.
  • The cone of the fir tree, the gum is taken from the layer, and the oil are used.
  • The fir tree, which arouses curiosity with each part, takes its place among the herbal treatment methods.
  • Fir oil obtained from the needles of this tree is suitable for human use and destroys many diseases when used correctly.
  • These tall trees, which can stay green all four seasons, often resemble pyramids.
  • It has the feature of branching from the top to very close to the ground.
  • The fir cone formed on the branches of the tree is in a tone from light green to brown.
  • Fir trees, which usually grow bushier in temperate climates, can live an average of 70 years.
  • According to the latest data, fir trees in Turkey have found life in an area of 670,390 hectares.
  • Fir trees, which have a very strong structure against dirty air and cold, provide an oxygen cycle in the cities they are located. Especially in industrial areas, these trees carry out the renewal of the air.
  • If you are wondering the answer to the question of where fir grows, we can say that it grows in temperate climates.

5 Surprising Features of the Fir Tree

  • The fir tree is one of the endemic trees. The fir tree seen in Kazdağları is among the 32 endemic plants in this region.
  • According to historical research, stakes obtained from fir wood were used to transport ships to the Golden Horn during the Conquest of Istanbul by Mehmet the Conqueror.
  • Fir trees, which played an important role in the Conquest of Istanbul, were discovered by the scholars of the period.
  • The fir trees, which are common in Balıkesir, were taken from these lands because it is close to Istanbul.
  • This tree, known as fir or fir, is an important tree both in botany and history.

Fir Tree Benefits – See What It’s Good For!

1) Clears Infection

  • The oil obtained from fir needles contains alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, and alpha-humulene substances.
  • The substances mentioned are quite successful in clearing the infection and preventing its spread.
  • To save the body from infection, the use of fir oil is recommended.

2) Protective Against Cancer

  • For oil, which is rich in alpha-humulene substances, stops the spread of cancerous cells.
  • You can protect your body from cancer by using this oil in various ways.
  • In people with cancer onset, the spread of free radicals can be prevented.

3) Pain Relief

  • For oil, which has an effect that accelerates blood flow, relieves pain in the muscles.
  • If you are looking for herbal support when you feel pain, you can benefit from fir needle oil.
  • It is stated that its smell and the substances contained in it relieve pain in a short time.

4) Eliminates Stress

  • For oil, which is often recommended in the field of aromatherapy, stimulates nerve cells and relaxes muscles.
  • You can choose this oil to cope with stress. It has a distraction-relieving feature.
  • The volatile substances in fir oil solve sleep disturbance and stress-related behaviors.

5) Removes Toxins

  • Fir oil, which stimulates many points of the body, purifies the body.
  • Thanks to this oil, which allows the removal of harmful substances and purification of the body, new cell formation is supported. Thanks to substances such as tricyclene, alpha-pinene, camphene, limonene, and myrcene in their structure, bacteria are also cleared from the body.
  • Don’t forget to add fir oil to your list of essential oils to get rid of toxins!

6) Makes House Cleaning Easier

  • Among the benefits of the fir tree is that it facilitates house cleaning.
  • When the oil obtained from this tree is added to the cleaning water, the smell of cooking in the house can be removed.
  • You can also choose oil for cleaning surfaces. It cleans the dirt on the spot.

7) Strengthens Bones

  • Research on the fir tree states that the oil taken from this tree protects bone health.
  • The use of fir tree oil is recommended to heal pain and damage to bones.
  • Thanks to the minerals in it, the disease that occurs in the bones can be prevented.

8) Prevents Sweating

  • Fir tree oil, which has a fresh smell, is used in personal care.
  • For oil, which prevents the smell of sweat, keeps the body cleaner.
  • If you want to solve the sweat problem in a herbal way, you can use for oil.

9) Protects the Respiratory System

  • Herbal tea prepared with fir leaf tea relieves respiratory problems.
  • This effective fir tea, which opens the breath, prevents any disease in the respiratory system.
  • You can remember the miracle effects of fir trees in cases such as cold and flu.

How to Use and Consume Fir Cone?

  • Fir cone benefits are good for many complaints, just like its oil. To solve these complaints, the cones need to be boiled.
  • Green cones are collected and cleaned well.
  • The cleaned cones are boiled in plenty of water and then some sugar is added.
  • Fir cone juice, which takes the consistency of syrup, is consumed as a syrup for healing purposes.

How to Use Fir Oil?

  • Fir oil is recommended in the field of aromatherapy. Fir oil dripped into the steam changes the atmosphere in the room and refreshes the air in the room.
  • Fir oil added to the cleaning water in house cleaning provides better disinfection of the surfaces and adds fresh air to the cleaned place.
  • Used as a massage oil, fir oil relaxes muscles and relieves pain.
  • It is recommended to be diluted with water when applied to the skin. It can cause irritation when applied to the skin in large amounts.
  • In case of contact of fir oil with eyes, it should be immediately treated with cold water.

How to Use Fir Gum?

  • Fir gum is taken from the fir tree. To use this gum, it must be safely removed from the tree.
  • For gum, which is used in the treatment of skin problems such as wounds and boils, has been preferred for centuries to heal skin damage.
  • It is used as an ointment in cases such as redness.
  • You can obtain fir gum, known for its antiseptic properties, from the natural environment or from herbalists.

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