In which season and month does eggplant grow? When to eat eggplant?


AubergineWith its both delicious and beneficial content, it is one of the vegetables used and loved in many different dishes and appetizers. Eggplant can be easily used in dishes such as stews, as it increases the nutritional value of the dishes made with the high fiber and vitamin content it contains. Eggplant, which can be used in yoghurt appetizers by cooking on embers, is much more beneficial if consumed in season. If you are wondering in which months and seasons aubergine is grown in our country, which is produced around the world and used in meals, you can read our news. Organic eggplants produced in the right region and in places suitable for the climate can be consumed in an extremely delicious way. “Which season does eggplant grow, when is it eaten?” compiled with details.

AubergineIt is one of the vegetables grown in hot climates. Eggplant cultivation is carried out in Mersin and Antalya regions, especially in Urfa. In the world, our country is the third country that grows eggplant the most. Many dishes can be made with this vegetable, which grows in hot and temperate climates. Eggplants, which are grown and harvested in accordance with the season, are also very rich in flavor.

In which season and month does eggplant grow?

Eggplant grows in hot seasons in terms of climate. The seedlings of the eggplant, which are harvested in June and July, are started to be planted two months before. Eggplant, which is a complete summer vegetable, is consumed in its season from June to September.

There are many varieties of eggplant, which is not missing on the tables in summer. Kemer eggplant, yamula eggplant, orchard eggplant are just a few of them. Eggplant varieties are produced in different sizes, both for cooking and for frying. Eggplant grown in summer can be consumed until the beginning of autumn.

When to eat eggplant?

Eggplant planting begins in autumn. Planting and growing of new seedlings continues until the summer months. The best time to eat eggplant is summer. With the coming of the summer months, we can see many eggplant varieties together in the eggplant sections of the grocery stores and markets. For those who want to consume eggplant at the right time and in the season, we can say that the best time for eggplant starts in June.

Eggplant can be eaten in June, July, August and September. Eggplant, which is consumed as a summer vegetable, also creates great benefits in terms of health with its nutritional rates and vitamins. People can benefit more from their benefits by consuming seasonal vegetables and fruits by paying attention to their organic vegetable consumption. Therefore, the best season for eggplant consumption is summer. In addition, eggplant varieties can be found much cheaper during this period. The eggplants you see in grocery stores and markets in winter are greenhouse production. In addition, since eggplant is not in season, it is sold at much higher prices.

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