Egg White Powder: 80% Healthy Protein

Egg White Powder

Egg White Powder: Almost All Protein! We all know what egg white is, but what is egg white powder? This powder is obtained as a result of drying egg white with special methods. Egg white is formed when egg white powder is mixed with water.

You may be wondering why we need egg white powder when we can consume the egg itself. In recipes where only egg white is used, egg white powder can be a savior in situations that need to be done quickly and there is no time to wait for the egg to reach room temperature. In addition, due to its high protein content, egg white powder is among the preferred supplements for those who do sports and are interested in bodybuilding. Egg white powder used for athletes is often called egg white protein. In addition, egg white powder can be used in hair care.

We can explain how high the protein value of egg white powder is with the following example:

While there is approximately 12.5 g of protein in 100 g of boiled egg, there is an average of 80 g of protein in powdered egg white.

So, how is egg white powder obtained, what are the benefits and harms? Let’s examine together:

What is Egg White Powder?

  • Egg white powder is the powdered form of egg white with special methods.
  • We all know that the protein value of eggs is high. Protein ratio is especially intense in egg white. Therefore, egg white powder is a very rich food in terms of nutritional values.
  • In the normal state of egg white, there is an average of 88% water, 11% protein and 0.1% fat.
  • When the egg white becomes powder, the water content automatically decreases and the protein rate increases.
  • The protein value of egg white powder constitutes 80% of the whole. 1 kg of egg white powder is close to the content of almost 250 kg of normal egg whites.

How to Make Egg White Powder?

  • In order to obtain egg white powder, first of all, the yolk and white of the egg must be separated. For this, technological machines that perform operations similar to the creative methods used by housewives are used.
  • The separated egg whites are filtered and pasteurized, and the pH value is brought to an average of 8.3. What does this mean? It means that the development of microorganisms will be very difficult and thus a healthy powder food is obtained.
  • Finally, the egg white powder is packaged and sometimes enriched with additional supplements.

What Does Egg White Powder Do?

The answer to the question of how to use egg white powder and what it does depends on what you want to use egg white powder for. In addition, it would be more appropriate to ask this question, if you are going to use egg white powder as a supplement or in a recipe, how to consume egg white powder.

  • Hair Mask: You can mix egg white powder with coconut oil or olive oil for your hair. After you massage the mixture you have prepared into your hair, you can rinse it with warm water. Over time, your hair will begin to look more lively and shiny.
  • Bodybuilding: If you are going to use egg white powder to contribute to your bodybuilding, you can mix between 10-20 g in 500 ml of water, depending on the intensity of your workout. You can use a shaker to facilitate the dissolution of the powder in water.
  • Bakery Products: Egg white powder can also be used in the production of bakery products. You can benefit from this powder similar to the use of flour. If you want to make light-colored and fluffy cakes, you can try egg white powder.

What Are the Benefits of Egg White Powder?

Let’s examine the answers to the question of what are the benefits of egg white powder, item by item.

  • Egg white powder can be used practically in dishes where only egg white is used.
  • Egg white powder eliminates the need to wait for the egg to reach room temperature while making pastries.
  • Egg white powders with a long shelf life can be used whenever desired. This saves time. Especially for businesses such as patisseries that are commercially in the food sector, this feature provides a significant benefit.
  • Since egg white powder has a low fat content, it contributes to low cholesterol recipes.
  • Sports engaged in order to maintain and increase muscle mass has a constant need for protein. Egg white powder can also easily meet this high protein requirement.
  • When egg white powder is used as a hair mask, it helps hair to be more vibrant and grow more easily.

Is Egg White Powder Harmful?

If you have met protein powder supplements, especially while doing sports, you probably have done research on whether these powders make you gain weight. Since egg white powder is a kind of protein powder, one wonders if egg white powder makes you gain weight. The answer to the question varies according to some parameters:

  • When using egg white powder, if you work to convert the protein you take into muscle, you will gain weight as the muscle ratio increases in your body.
  • Since the weight to be gained with egg white powder is due to the increase in muscle mass, it is not harmful.
  • There may be different materials in the products sold as egg white powder. As with all supplementary food supplements, the contents of egg white powders should be carefully researched and used under expert control.

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