Drug Detox and Drug Rehab

Drug Detox and Drug Rehab
Drug Detox and Drug Rehab

The detoxification procedure is carried out in a hospital, after determining the substance (express testing for the content of narcotic substances and alcohol in the blood), which caused addiction and poisoning of the body. This stage is mandatory for any kind of further residential treatment of the patient. 

There are various methods of detoxification: the use of medical preparations, infusion solutions, extracorporeal blood purification (plasmapheresis, hemosorption) and others. 

The intensity and duration of detoxification are affected by:

  • type of substance used
  • duration of administration and dose;
  • method of use;
  • the presence or absence of concomitant pathologies.

The main task of the procedure is to cleanse the body of psychoactive substances and toxins formed as a result of metabolic processes, and to prevent the development of abstinence or withdrawal syndrome. As a result of the latter, a serious condition of the patient develops, which prevents the refusal of another intake of alcohol, drugs and other psychoactive agents. By the way, you have the opportunity to read in more detail about inpatient rehab in New Jersey.

The stage of mental dependence of a drug addict, drug addict, or alcoholic is discomfort accompanied by a state of anxiety, depression, and longing. The physical form of addiction involves serious changes in the functioning of internal organs and their systems.

Abstinence syndrome is a complex of physical and mental disorders. Its symptoms: 

  • insomnia;
  • concern;
  • anguish;
  • aggressiveness;
  • weakness;
  • sweating;
  • muscle cramps and pains;
  • abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting;
  • drops in blood pressure,
  • rapid heartbeat, etc.

Any psychoactive substance, regardless of its type and type, in case of long-term use, affects all metabolic processes of the body at the level of biochemical reactions and activity of the nervous system. If the cancellation occurs independently, then this period may last more than one month.

Detoxes in New Jersey takes a minimum of time. The type of procedure is selected individually for each patient.

Detoxification methods in drug and alcohol rehab centers in New Jersey

Alleviation of acute alcohol disorders

Infusion therapy with mandatory administration of anticonvulsant, hypnotic, sedative drugs is carried out to reduce anxiety and fear (diazepam and the like).

To eliminate the consequences of dehydration, it is necessary to enrich the body with magnesium, potassium and liquid. Vitamins are administered to normalize sleep and restore vitamin balance. 

Hepatoprotectors are prescribed to restore the functions of the liver and protect it, as well as neurometabolic therapy as prevention and treatment of encephalopathy. 

Drug and alcohol detoxification at MedicoMente

All stages of the examination, including instrumental diagnostics and analyses, are carried out in one place. 

Detoxification is prescribed only after a comprehensive examination of the patient and a medical opinion. A treatment plan is drawn up for each patient, taking into account his current condition. 

Procedures aimed at the complete cleansing of the body from toxic and psychotropic drugs are carried out in the intensive care unit under the supervision of an intensivist-anesthesiologist. 

Doctors take all measures to avoid “breakdown”, discomfort, pain, mental disorders and other unpleasant phenomena accompanying the process of getting out of addiction. 

Only original medical preparations are used for medical detox. The procedure is carried out in accordance with protocols of the international format. Expert equipment is installed in the intensive care wards. Comfortable conditions are provided for full recovery. 

The center’s doctors have undergone special training and internships in the best clinics in Europe. Specialists have licenses and certificates. 

The second stage after detox is complex treatment, including psychotherapy and recovery.

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