Does Nasal Spray Invalidate Fasting?

Does Nasal Spray Invalidate Fasting

Is Nasal Spray Used While Fasting? Nasal spray is one of the medical supplements applied inside the nose. It is often used to relieve breathing and relieve runny noses. There are nasal sprays sold with a doctor’s prescription and for a special fee. Nasal sprays, which you can obtain from the pharmacy, are also a savior for those with allergies.

Those who are affected by pollen during seasonal changes and have respiratory difficulties can use nasal spray with the recommendation of a doctor. So, does the nasal spray, which is effective for health, invalidate the fast? Can a fasting person use nasal spray while fasting? We will share the details you are curious about in our article that we have clarified on this subject.

The nasal spray given to fasting people is not used by many people due to hearsay. Since the nasal spray is not used and the treatment is delayed, people regain their health later. According to the statement made by the Directorate of Religious Affairs; The topic of nasal spray and fasting is full of details that you do not know. This article will guide you for fasting in the three months and in the month of Ramadan.

Every year, when the month of Ramadan comes and it is time to fast for three months, religious officials talk about whether spraying the nose breaks the fast . Because fasting people wonder whether nasal spray invalidates wudu and affects fasting . To find answers to these questions, you can read our article to the end. The relationship between nasal spray and fasting, which is one of the issues you wonder about the month of Ramadan, is revealed in this article. Our article will shed light on you to fast more sensitively and carefully.

Does Nasal Spray Invalidate Fasting?

  • Fasting people who have to use nasal spray can easily use the nasal spray given for therapeutic purposes. Because using nasal spray does not break the fast. In this regard, you can get away from your worries.
  • Nasal spray, which is not a condition that breaks the fast, while flowing into the nose, a certain amount adheres to the walls inside the nose.
  • When the nasal spray is usually instilled into the nose, 0.06 cm3 drops come out. Half of this rate is attached to the nasal walls and the other half goes down to the stomach. However, it does not break the fast as there is no food and it is a treatment.
  • The fact that the nasal spray does not invalidate the fast relieves fasting people. Because, those who have a chronic disease or who have to use nasal spray during Ramadan consider postponing their treatment. However, this does not require delaying treatment.
  • Nasal spray, which is almost equivalent to the moisture in the mouth, is not seen as a factor that invalidates the fast.
  • There is no harm in using nasal medications applied by spraying while fasting. Fasting people can safely use the spray.
  • Some nasal sprays are sold in drops. These drugs are used by dripping into the nose when you throw your head back.
  • Just like spray, nasal drops do not affect fasting. It does not break the ablution. You can safely treat your discomfort using nasal drops.

So, if our nose bleeds when we use the nasal spray, will the fast be broken?

  • The capillaries in the nose are very sensitive. However, in some people, these capillaries can be more sensitive.
  • If your nose bleeds while using the nasal spray; You may be worried about whether the fast is broken or not.
  • If the blood coming from the nose is too much and you swallow it, your fast will be broken.
  • However, if your capillary is damaged due to the pressure of the spray and a very small amount of blood has come; You can continue your fast.
  • People whose nose bleeds from time to time while using the nasal spray think that their fast is broken. The amount of blood and whether you swallow it or not will shape the continuation of the fast.
  • You can use the nasal spray necessary for your treatment while fasting. You can use your nasal spray regularly to heal faster and breathe better.

Well, does a nasal spray that makes breathing break the fast?

  • We can also express that you are comfortable in this regard.
  • Nasal sprays recommended to treat the upper respiratory tract do not break the fast.
  • Since the nasal sprays you buy from the pharmacy are used for therapeutic purposes, they do not break the fast.
  • Moreover, since it is not a food, you can easily take your doctor’s advice into account while fasting. Because a nasal spray that relieves breathing does not break the fast.

Does the recommended nasal spray for nasal congestion break the fast?

  • If your doctor has recommended you a nasal spray and you are fasting on the days you should use it, rest easy.
  • As stated above, nasal sprays are not food. It does not go into the stomach. Half of the fluid coming into the nose flows and half remains in the nose.
  • Since you ingest a therapeutic substance, the breaking of the fast does not come to the fore.
  • If you want to use the nasal spray while fasting due to a cold or any other condition; You can do your treatment without delay.

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