Diet for clearing fat

Getting rid of excess fat accumulated on the body is done by combining training and diet. If you focus only on physical exercises, you will burn a lot of fat in a short time, but you will also lose a significant amount of muscle mass, and this will slow down your metabolism and the gains won’t be maintained in the long term. Therefore, nutrition is extremely important in efforts to eliminate excess fat .

Failed diets are usually made to eat 800-1000 calories a day. This type of eating will burn a lot of fat at first, but it will mess up the body’s normal functions. A quick change from a high-calorie diet to a severe calorie restriction will significantly lower leptin . This is the hormone that is responsible for regulating body weight.

This increases the feeling of hunger. From there, cortisol , which is the stress hormone, rises and the desire for unhealthy food prevails. With high cortisol, muscle mass usually decreases due to low quality of training work.

That’s why low-calorie diets often fail. Extreme approaches such as not tracking calories and not drinking enough water are other reasons for diet failure.

Which is right? The choice of food is the most important and every product that enters the diet needs to be well thought out. There are some products that must be included in a well-structured diet.

Avocado – Almost 80 percent of the calories in an avocado come from fat. Unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids in its composition are the useful fats that the body needs without accumulating them as weight.

Quinoa – the vitamins, minerals and fiber in this vegetable contain protein, which is a basic need of the body, and also fiber, which keeps hunger at bay.

Brussels sprouts – this vegetable contains a good amount of protein, provided that the menu should contain a vegetable.

Ginger – from the spices on the menu, this is a good choice because it stimulates the burning of calories. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, so there will be prevention against disease states through food.

Beet juice – of the liquids, this is the most useful because of the wealth of antioxidants. Best for the liver. It increases nitrogen in the body, and it works well on the vessels by increasing blood flow.

Salmon – Among fish, salmon is the richest in omega-3 fatty acids and also high in protein. The tryptophan in it has a good effect on the mood, because it is converted into serotonin.

Beans are a good choice of legumes because of the protein they contain, and they also regulate blood sugar and cholesterol.


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